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Dear all, I suppose your house now is clean and your mind is clear. Here I would like to introduce you one special edition called “Energy Recharge World” which is prepared by my partner. After we have completed the purification from external (our house) to internal (our body and soul), now is the time for recharging.

From Bazi perspective, Wood is the one which can grow and progress. Sun is the main source of energy that allow all living creatures to recharge and it is unlimited. As you can see from the picture above is the shape of water drop. Water is also essential for all living creatures. Lastly, we should never forget our precious air, we need all of these to survive and rejuvenate.

This is a perfect circle of life and now we are ready for our greatness. Energy Recharge World provides refresh perspective for you to understand what is our new world going to be. We need to have new idea in our mind and have willingness to change.

Change is the most important for current quietly turbulence world. This is also indicating our period 9 is rising up. Period 9 is Li Gua that has indicated Fire in Yi Jing. Li Gua officially takes place on 2023-2024, and now we need to recharge our energy and prepare for it.

As illustrated in the image, you can see the circle from the Wood taking Fire energy from Sun and regenerate it into Olympic Flame. Here are the growth circle, whereby Water growth Wood, Wood burned to born Fire, Fire end with ashes in Earth, Earth growth Metal and finally Metal are melt in liquid formation (Water).

Every transition of elements involve change.  Change is the only constant thing in this world . Every changes is a form of energy transformation.

What is energy? The energy equation is an extension of the energy principle which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only be converted to other forms. Are you ready? Please have a look to our special edition here.

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