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Bazi Reading Singapore – Take Action – Be A Star And Stay Happy

From the Bazi chart above, the person has Jia (Yang Wood) Day Master and year 2020 is Geng (Yang Metal) Zhi year. Hence, year 2020 is full of challenges for this person because “Metal Chopped Wood”. Nevertheless, the chart is also showing that the person will have lots of great stars around.

The present of Dog and Rooster in both month and year pillars are indicating that the person is able to become a star and contented with a lot of happy gatherings and full of great opportunities. These two auspicious pillars for year 2020 will make this person to be famous in year 2020. Akins to Andy Warhol has mentioned, everyone can get famous. Now is your turn!

From the year pillar, it is illustrating that this person can get international fame and Ren Water also indicating the abundance of water and it is the resource star. The person can try to do online business with live feed or start blogging. If you are already Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) currently, please aim to be sustainable. In addition, there is a strong auspicious star in this person month pillar, which is related with career.

Once you get famous, he or she can join the party of any invitations for special events and can be easily be noticed. During such gathering, the person might be able to meet the better half or as well as one-night stand. This is really depending on what the person wants in life. He or she would need to be able visualize his or her true calling at the early months of this year and prepare for the best expected result.

For single, he or she would steal the limelight at the banquet hall, and would be able to make known to more peoples and in return, most of them would be attached. Having that said, some peoples might jealous and sabotage on him or her, what he or she need to do is focus on own goal at the moment. If he or she is distracted by gossip, he or she would lose the fun for this year. If this happened, please do a checkpoint on the year 2020 resolution and this will boost his or her energy level as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, although there are Yang metal and Jia Day Master in the bazi chart, it is a still cool. Stay calm and steady as per what Great Tree did. Yang Woods are the oak that grows strong after the Autumn and it is blessed with Ox in the hour pillar, which is also the nobleman. Learn to ask for help when needed.

Great tree, stay strong and start planting the seed of greatest success for year 2020!

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Bazi Reading Singapore – Awareness

Awareness is the starting point – Lets’ travel for Tigers

From the previous post, we have noted some core activities we have to do for year 2020 but we are still not sure what they exactly mean. Let’s explore from Bazi’s perspective.

Above is a chart for a person with two tigers which located at his year and day pillars. During the year of 2020, the best activity for a tiger in the chart is travelling. Now, let’s us explore how this person can beneficial from the universe in year 2020.

Having tigers in both year and day pillars are an indication that this person has plenty of travelling luck that has prepared for him during year 2020. Hence, this person should accept any offers that allow him or her travelling around the world, as this is not just bringing wealth to him or her. If we go into the elements that are stored inside Tiger are Jia, Wu and Bing. Jia is Wu day master’s 7K (7 Killing), which indicating that he or she is able to rise in corporate ladder in this year if he or she is willing to take the offer. The element of Wu and Bing are his Buddy and Indirect Resource stars. Both stars are indicating that he or she will enjoy traveling and will be able to get assistance along the way while he or she is travelling.

We might be arguing that the 7K is also indicating a sign of danger. It is true as all travelling might concealing certain level of risk. So, he is still need to be resilient while he or she is travelling. Nevertheless, the 7K that representing by Jia Wood for Wu Earth also is important for his enlightenment for all plants especially those big plant grow from earth. The true vision of earth is actually its ability to bear a plant that glory. Please imagine a pictorial image of this Bazi. It is a very greenery hill with Sun (Bing Fire) at right and plenty of water moisturizing the jungle. It is such a beauty nature scenery!

If we are looking for the internal side of Tiger at day pillar, it is indicating that travelling with spouse. This is interpreting that the person is able to bring wealth luck to his or her spouse from travelling. This can be done in a few ways. Firstly, he can bring some rare or special items along the way and let his or her spouse to sell them in local market. He or she also can inspire spouse by sharing own travel experience. Traveling star is also indicating the ability to gain wealth inspiration while travelling. There are more things to explore but we will start step by step.

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Bazi Reading Singapore – Make Your Wish Come True

Bazi Reading Singapore – Make Your Wish Come True

Christmas is around the corner again and Santa is coming to town. He is making a list and he is checking it twice. He sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake.

Is true that we are guard by higher power and we are protected by them. The divine energy want us unleash our full potential and became better person. Just we as mundane human being tends to forgot how to became better self. Can we make 2020 an excellent year for us? Which aspect of your life you want to have excellent improvement?

Actually you can ride with the Qi for year 2020 and make it the best ever year you have. Just you a clarity of what you want. Then the reindeer can deliver the GREAT present to you. So, what you need to do now? You need to know, what you want first. Please select one from th list below:

  • Wealth
  • Fulfillment
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Relationship
  • Social life

Maybe you will ask, why cannot take all? Let’s us do step by step. We get next right step done and you will know how to proceed. Now you need to know 2020 year forecast for our 12 animals.

  • Rat – Take leadership role
  • Cow – Ask for help and help others
  • Tiger – Traveling
  • Rabbit – Built Rapport
  • Dragon – Take note on legal documents
  • Snake – Stay positive
  • Horse – Be flexible
  • Goat – Full gear on whatever you want
  • Monkey – Think twice before you talk
  • Rooster – Stay happy
  • Dog – Be a star
  • Pig – Let’s study

Here are the present for you and how to use it? Firstly, you need to know what animal sign you have in your Bazi chart by using the online available plotter. Secondly, match your animal sign with the above activity make sense to your goal.

Let’s us take some example. You are person with Cow in Bazi chart and you want year 2020 you will have excellent social life. Then you study where is the Cow reside in your 4 pillar. If it come with your year pillar, hey you go more parties and know more people through helping them or ask for help. You will find out this will unlock great opportunities for you.

Still not ready? See whether you got dragon or not, if 2020 you want have new property, then all legal document are crucial to take notes. It also applied to relationship if you would like tied a knot with your better half. Maybe got some mistake in the documentation you need to take note. Sometime renew driving license also need recheck whether the plate number is your car plate number or not.

Tiger in your day pillar? Go travel with your spouse and you will have excellence year ahead. What it means by dog in year pillar be a star? You can start your online business by casting your product with yourself as your own product’s ambassador. Many more fun you can figure out from it. As long as you willing make your dream come true. Sure you can relate it.

Once you can relate it, reindeer are delivering your gift by next year end. See you soon!


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Bazi Reading Singapore – Excel With Happiness

Bazi Reading Singapore – Excel With Happiness

There was an open interview session conducted in a hotel. Three interviewers had been assigned to interview 40 persons for each day during two days.

The typical greeting of the interviewer was “ Hi, how are you?” and most interviewees answered,

“I am fine, thank you.”

It was such a long day to go for him to hear about 79 persons with typical answer of

“I am fine, thank you.”

When he reached the last interviewee to close his file. While expecting last

“I am fine, thank you.”

He opened his chapter with :”Hi, how are you?”. The fellow replied.

“Excellent! How about you?”

What a magic words! The interview went well and this fellow had been selected as one of the top 3 successful candidates. As one of the 1.25% chances successful candidate, what had this fellow done?

We assumed this interviewee was a lady. By using words of “Excellent! How about you?” she not only cheered up the conversation but she also added personal connection with the interviewer. Based on this first impression, she made people feel good and connected. Yes, this was also applicable to Bazi study.

With current world population of 7.7 billion, we can consider about 1.75 million peoples might have same Bazi Chart. What make these 1.75 millions have different lifes? Others than external factors, it is sure that there are something important that grow within internally. The magic words of “Excellent! How about you?” play an important role to lead the way of success.

This sentence is very positive and interactive. This is also same to our life and our perspective to Bazi. We need to find the positive value out from any clashes, harms, destructions, punishments and unfavorable gods.

Interactive means we can communicate with our Bazi and it will never have the same “I am fine, thank you” answer. The most important is you need to have curiosity to know more about yourself and able to lead it to positive direction.

Based of these words, you also can see “Excellent!” is a very output structure and “How about you?” is typical companion structure. With this combination, you can create a first impression positively to others as well as your own. For 60 Jia Zi point of view, this combination always is heavenly stem seats on its resource star. For example, Ren day master output and companion structure will be “Jia Zi 甲子and “Yi Hai 乙亥. These kind of pillars are very strong and flexible.

Please start your day with mindfulness, creative and positive mindset. The excellent life is yours.

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Bazi Reading Singapore – Ways To Cultivate Talent And Driving It To Success

Bazi Reading Singapore – Ways To Cultivate Talent And Driving It To Success

From the previous post, we note that our kid inborn talent and we can find way to cultivate it since their young age. For us as grown up who have missed the chance to inculcate our potential talent during the young age, how can we summon back our talent?

The identification of our talent is using the same principle as reviewing our Bazi’s month chart by finding the correlation of the elements to your own day master. We have 5 main relationships,

  • Companion ( Buddy and Rob Wealth),

  • Output ( Hurting Officer and Food God ),

  • Wealth ( Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth ),

  • Officers ( Direct Officers and 7 Killing) and

  • Resource ( Direct Resource and Indirect Resource ).

Let’s take Bing Fire as an example. Observe the image above and it is exactly like the rising Sun. Akin to rising Sun that is expanding in nature, Bing fire can unleash its talent by dedicating itself to others.

When there is an existence of another fire in Bing day master’s month pillar, it is all about hope and beauty. If a Bazi chart has extremely strong fire elements, the best approach is to join as much as social activities as possible.

Bing fire day master also need to take note of time of birth if this Bing day master also born on afternoon time which fire is the strongest. The Bazi chart seems like too hot.

While developing talent in networking and socializing is vital, such person also need to find a way to do some output activities like make yourself calm down during rest hours, for example, write a diary or do some arts works. This can balance out the excess elements. This can ensure a balance between career and personal life.

No matter how much the Sun has been radiating and expending out, there are sunspots within itself. The darker sunspots are very important, akin to Yin Yang philosophy. We can have our talent fully exposed and gained recognition. The route of success is not only limited to career and monetary achievement, whereas we would need to empty out some portion for other area.

Just like the Bazi’s growth cycle from self – output – wealth – officer – resource. When we are at the higher level in social status, an officer stage for instance, we need to contribute resources to others. This is because resource is a element that supporting others. Once you did it, good stuff will return to you because resource will strengthen by itself again.

It is a cycle like our orbit.

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Bazi Reading Singapore – Nurture Your Child’s Natural Potential

Bazi Reading Singapore – Nurture Your Child’s Natural Potential

Please look at the picture above, this is an insect but it looks like a plant. Sometimes, we are not sure what is our children’s potential and Bazi can help us to identify their natural talents and we can find proper way to nurture them. We as parents sometimes might have our own inspiration on the future of our kids should be. You might not like your kids to do the way at their highest potential to succeed as you do not think it is useful for them. Taking similar example on this pretty green creature. The mother of this insect might not like her to look like an insect, having that said, in the way that it looks like a plant and it will gain higher chance to get its rewards which is its prey.

This is the first priority for us as parents to accept it. Once Bazi has identified the talent of our kids, by knowing it, this information will install a potential power in our mind. The true result will come when we implement it. Normally we want to unleash our talent at the month branch from our Bazi chart.

This can be derived from a few aspects:

Firstly, the month of branch represents our career pillar, we want our talents to be useful for our career development and generating income.

Secondly, we create efficiencies through monthly activities as we form our habit after 28 days which also implying one month period.

Normally we separate our month pillars into 4 seasons i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Based on the season, we know what is the most prosperous element with respect to your child’s day master and we know what it means to them.

Let’s say a child is borne on Autumn with day master of Jia Wood. Autumn metal is strong and Wood needs metal to trim for growing up and branching across. Ironically, you can nurture on his financial acumen since his young age which fit his Jia nature. This can cultivate his own nature and talent concurrently. As parent, you can teach him financial skill and cultivate his branched out talent (Jia nature) to utilize his financial skills. Find an environment for him so that he can learn selling, trading, saving and investing. This can diversify his asset and have potential to grow. It is combining the characteristic of the month and day pillars to cherish your child.

Another example is a kid with Ding fire who borne on Spring. Spring are Wood strong and Wood is a resource to Ding fire. As parent, do let your kid to do more learning and cultivate his public speaking skill. It is important for Ding fire to inspire others. A resource star in month pillar is indicating that knowledge is important for them to shine.

We, as parents, should try our best to find out the potential of our kids. Once you have discovered their potentials, we need to apply them. Knowledge is a potential power and prosperous result is an act of consistent implementation.

Start observe and plan now.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – Bazi Business Model with 10 Gods

Bazi Business Model with 10 Gods

Table above are 10 Gods with respect to business model. You can refer it to your own bazi and your partner. The respective 10 Gods characteristic in your chart can correlated with the chart above.

We can try to use it with this sample Bazi chart. With Wu Chen Day Master the maximum elements in this charts is Yi which is Direct officer to the Day Master Wu Chen. He should take more responsibility on Customer Relationship and doing partnership with someone with more Jia, Bing, Geng and Xin. As in his intelligent star is Shen. He can find partner with people with Geng Shen, Jia Shen or Bing Shen. For his noblemen enhancement find Xin Chou or Xin Wei.


This Business model has layout some critical questions for you to ask yourself when you do your planning because you also possess the relevant 10 gods elements. You can handle better than other if the relevant 10 gods in your chart.

Try to explore more and you get more than you expected.

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Bazi Reading Singapore – Manage Your Wealth

Manage Your Wealth

No matters who you are, you would need to manage your wealth. Although one day if you have a single cent left, you would also need to manage your wealth. As this is something to do with awareness. You need to know and aware that how much wealth you have and then you are at your starting point of amass your wealth.
Have a look at the photo of the pretty row of buildings, there are so luxury that you would like to own one of them. In term of management, you need to plan to get the next and the next building. Once you have owned all of them, you still can plan for the row of buildings in the reflection of the river.

Can you see how can we manage our wealth?

First, we need to know how much we have now and how much we want to attain. Then we can plan. The first assignment you might just need to do some rough estimation from your bank accounts and some fixed assets. The second planning of wealth management is to set target to attain and it should be within your ability to with time bound. Normally in Bazi term, we set short term targets for 1 year; long term targets for 5 to 10 years.

All set? Now go find your intelligent star.

Normally our intelligent star is Eat God Star inside our branch, except for Fire Day Master, its intelligent star is their wealth star.


Day Master






















If inside there are intelligent stars in your own chart, you should be the person who is able to plan for your future, learn through self study and apply the knowledge correctly. Sometimes, you still need noblemen stars to help you out to get great mentors or gurus. They will give you a correct direction to improve and manage your wealth.

You can identify both noblemen and intelligent stars from your own chart or the people you want to approach. This is also applicable to the timing you would like to meet your noblemen or grasp through the subject that you need to learn.
For example, if you are Ding fire day master and you want to learn more about wealth management subject, you can seek advice from people with your intelligent star or noblemen star which is 酉(so coincident both are rooster). Then the best time for you to study the subject is during You 酉hour which is every day’s from 5pm to 7pm.

You can be more creative during these noblemen and intelligent star arrangement in term of timing or people or activities. The most important thing is you must have the desire to manage your own wealth and make it as an essential element in your life.


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Bazi Reading Malaysia – Your Prefect Team Formation

Your Prefect Team Formation

Look at the herd of sheep that walk along the greenery. They seem like know where they go and what they want. There should be a common goal that ties them together. We as a human being, team work also very important for us. The success of Avengers story shown that even Superheroes need to form a team.

When we form a team, the first priority is to have common goal. Business team members are totally different from family team members. The ultimate goal of our business is making profits. When we form our perfect team, we need to see everyone’s strength and character.

Bazi is not only can help us to know a person’s strength and character, it also can identify who is your noblemen that can make you to become a better person as well as identifying your intelligent star that give you inspirations to improve your works. With teaming up these two pieces of important information, and knowing whose luck is better, you can map out your best team.

Jia Wood, Wu Earth and Geng Metal are all Yang elements that need some juices from Goat and Cow noblemen. These two noblemen branches consist of main Qi of Ji Earth. As we know, all Yang elements are action-oriented. Jia Wood needs Ji Earth to grow and expand. Wu earth needs his Rob Wealth elements to nurture its properties. Geng Metal sometimes needs its own resource to think twice before act.

Yi Wood and Ji Earth are very dependent persons, they need Monkey and Mouse noblemen who is carrying Water elements that help them to progress. Bing and Ding fire both need Chicken and Pig noblemen to make their presence meaningful. Chicken main Qi is Xin Metal and Pig main Qi is Ren Water. Both elements are reflecting light. They help fire to spread faster and further.

Xin Metal relies on Horse and Tiger noblemen to attain their pinnacle. Finally, both Yin and Yang Water are able to find their noblemen from Rabbit and Snake. Rabbit carrying Yi Wood main Qi, it is soft and gentle which can make ‘waterly’ emotional characteristic calmer. With their output star as water, it also helps water to be more productive. Bing Fire in Snake helps Gui Water to gain clarity and helps Ren Water to gain reputation.

Now you know, how to form your perfect team!

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Bazi Reading Singapore – Leverage Your Wealth

Leverage Your Wealth

The common financial term for leverage is something to do with borrowing other’s money to make investment. In Bazi reading Singapore, we also know certain element can leverage better in certain situation. Look at the Ferris wheel, everyone has their turn to reach the top.

How to leverage your wealth

Wu Earth peoples normally have their own strong skill and quality to attain the wealth they want. Peoples in the group of knowledge elite are Ding Fire, Ren Water and Jia Wood. These three-elements are able to convert figure into real money. Gui Water have very good intuition so that they can hire true professional to help them to justify their intuition is correct or wrong.

Yi Wood is the best person in leveraging other’s knowledge into wealth. Bing fire and Geng metal need to get some financial knowledge before they can start whatever investment. Ji Earth peoples need to control their emotion and invest in stable and long-term investments. Finally, for Xin metal, they just need to act once they saw a great investment deal instead of just talk about it.

If your Bazi chart does not has the knowledgable element like Ding, Ren, Jia, not to worry, you always can make friends with the peoples with these elements. It is better if you know that they are also your noblemen or intelligent star in their chart. As we know, leverage is something to do with borrowing. Knowledge, ideas, and many things also can be borrowed and create your own wealth.