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Bazi Business Model with 10 Gods

Table above are 10 Gods with respect to business model. You can refer it to your own bazi and your partner. The respective 10 Gods characteristic in your chart can correlated with the chart above.

We can try to use it with this sample Bazi chart. With Wu Chen Day Master the maximum elements in this charts is Yi which is Direct officer to the Day Master Wu Chen. He should take more responsibility on Customer Relationship and doing partnership with someone with more Jia, Bing, Geng and Xin. As in his intelligent star is Shen. He can find partner with people with Geng Shen, Jia Shen or Bing Shen. For his noblemen enhancement find Xin Chou or Xin Wei.


This Business model has layout some critical questions for you to ask yourself when you do your planning because you also possess the relevant 10 gods elements. You can handle better than other if the relevant 10 gods in your chart.

Try to explore more and you get more than you expected.

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