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Bazi Reading Taiwan – Favorable or Unfavorable Career

What is favorable? What is unfavorable? It is a Chinese Proverb saying that “When the fruit is scarcest, its taste is the sweetest”. Diamond is the best example that scarcity has brought out the preciousness. This is also applicable to favorable elements in our Bazi chart reading.

An element will become favorable if its appearance is very little in our Bazi Chart. Let’s take Lin Dan’s Bazi chart example below: we can see that there are 2甲, 2乙, 0丙, 2丁,1戊, 1己, 0庚, 1辛, 3壬 and 2癸.

We can know from this chart that there are plenty of water elements i.e. 壬Ren and 癸Gui. The least elements are Fire and Metal which is just one or two only. Based on this simple reading, we can say that Metal is your favorable element. Having said that, Bazi Chart always need overall reading and we need to analyze further for this case.

Although Metal seem like the most favorable element, however the output of Metal is to produce Water. Since Water is the most element in the Bazi Chart, the role of Metal element might not be so important to be the most favorable element.  Therefore we need to analyze further to the next favorable element, which is Fire.

We have another important reason why we choose the Fire element as the most favorable element in this Bazi Chart is the person was born during winter and it would need Fire to warm up as well as to balance the Bazi Chart. Hence, 丁 (Ding) or Fire element is the best choice as the most favorable and vital element for this person.

In conclusion, Lin Dan’s passion in badminton has made him to succeed in his career. It also keeps him traveling around the world to excel in his career. Travelling is mainly due to the activity of Water element. If we manage to have a good use on our favorable elements in our Bazi chart, we can have a very promising return in our life.


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