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Bazi Reading Taiwan – Career Around The Season

Do you know that our season change due to our planet tilted by angle of 23.5 degree relative to our orbit around the sun? With this tilting we have our wonderful season, namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In Bazi Chart, season also play an essential role which is represented by our Months Pillar.

We start our year on February 4th (or sometime 5th) as the start of spring. If you born on February, wood element is strongest accompanied by fire and earth. Every month at the starting of the season is called growth month. This indicate the elements are growing toward became stronger. At the middle of the month the elements is strongest and this is the time called the peach blossom month as the “attraction” is strongest of the season. Then you can notice all ending of the season indicate the earthly branches months that forming the dragon, goat, dog and ox month. All these called grave yard to the season.

All these follow natural laws and this also applicable to our career. If we born during Autumn, when is the time metal is most prosperous. If we work as anything related to metal can considered, you can earn better income. This is tie to our season most prosperous element. Just imagine that during ancient time, Autumn is harvesting time, gold smith, banker, hardware shop is the busiest people during that time. People went to hardware shop buy tools to harvest, after gain the earning people will decide to place their saving into bank or buy gold. During that time, even all plant turned into golden color. If you born on September and working in finance industry, we can say that you are strategically placing yourself into a very good industry that match your season of birth. There always greater opportunity for you to get maximum profit.


Now you can use your imagination to figure out what is the other’s season most prosperous element. After that you can start to jump start to your suitable career, your life will start changed to better.

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