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Bazi Reading Singapore – Ways To Cultivate Talent And Driving It To Success

From the previous post, we note that our kid inborn talent and we can find way to cultivate it since their young age. For us as grown up who have missed the chance to inculcate our potential talent during the young age, how can we summon back our talent?

The identification of our talent is using the same principle as reviewing our Bazi’s month chart by finding the correlation of the elements to your own day master. We have 5 main relationships,

  • Companion ( Buddy and Rob Wealth),

  • Output ( Hurting Officer and Food God ),

  • Wealth ( Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth ),

  • Officers ( Direct Officers and 7 Killing) and

  • Resource ( Direct Resource and Indirect Resource ).

Let’s take Bing Fire as an example. Observe the image above and it is exactly like the rising Sun. Akin to rising Sun that is expanding in nature, Bing fire can unleash its talent by dedicating itself to others.

When there is an existence of another fire in Bing day master’s month pillar, it is all about hope and beauty. If a Bazi chart has extremely strong fire elements, the best approach is to join as much as social activities as possible.

Bing fire day master also need to take note of time of birth if this Bing day master also born on afternoon time which fire is the strongest. The Bazi chart seems like too hot.

While developing talent in networking and socializing is vital, such person also need to find a way to do some output activities like make yourself calm down during rest hours, for example, write a diary or do some arts works. This can balance out the excess elements. This can ensure a balance between career and personal life.

No matter how much the Sun has been radiating and expending out, there are sunspots within itself. The darker sunspots are very important, akin to Yin Yang philosophy. We can have our talent fully exposed and gained recognition. The route of success is not only limited to career and monetary achievement, whereas we would need to empty out some portion for other area.

Just like the Bazi’s growth cycle from self – output – wealth – officer – resource. When we are at the higher level in social status, an officer stage for instance, we need to contribute resources to others. This is because resource is a element that supporting others. Once you did it, good stuff will return to you because resource will strengthen by itself again.

It is a cycle like our orbit.

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