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BaZi Reading Singapore – The Ten Gods

BaZi Analysis Singapore – From the five elements evolve to the ten gods, we know that it goes into deeper understanding of the same growing cycle.

How it grows from Five to Ten?

Yes, someone recalled that our 5 elements of Yin and Yang stems for the same elements. The derivation of 10 gods is grouped under same affinity of day master. Let’s say, if you are Yang Day Master, all stems with Yang attributes will be in blue group. This principle is same for both Yin and Yang elements.

To kick start the understanding of 10 gods, we use back the growing cycle from the 5 elements. Let’s us start from ourselves, Day Master (In Red Box).


The element that is exactly same with us is called buddy. If we do a direct translation from Chinese, it is called “someone can walk side by side with you”. So it can be considered as buddy for our modern day definition. It also represents us.

Rob Wealth

Rob Wealth is opposite from buddy, which has same elements with Buddy but different Yin and Yang. From its name, we know that it is someone not our buddy and it is possibly robbing our wealth.

Food God

So now, we proceed to first growing product from us. As a human being, the first growing process we have is developed inside ourselves. We can consider the first production called mind.

Food God is the passive part of our mind. This is the only one of the 10 gods called God. So we can say that God is always nearest to us. Do you curious that why is called food god? Human being always strike for survival and food is the first priority and this is from our mind. We can say that the Food God is high intelligent and has a kind heart.

Hurting Officer

Hurting Office is the counterpart of the passive part of our mind. We can imagine that this god is very talkative.   Once our mind is presented, we are using our hurting officer. Do you wonder why its name consists of the hurting word? This has something to do with our latter part of 10 gods and we know that our words can be more hurting than what we has done sometimes.

Indirect Wealth

Once we have our mind, we grow our actions. Here is the the path that we gain our wealth. With all talks and thoughts,  everything will be in vain if there are no actions. Based on the definition, we know that Indirect Wealth is our side income that we might have or might not have. This is also a passive income from our investment. People with indirect wealth is able to have great mind to venture on something which might brought them a great fortune.

Direct Wealth

This is a straight forward definition. Direct Wealth is measured from the effort you have work on something and its reward in return. This is a very hardworking star that earns its living through its due diligence. It can perform well on what has been instructed clearly and completed on time.

Seven Killing

After taking actions, we are growing to the consequences of our actions. This will bring us from one place to another. Based on the name of Seven Killing, one can smell the blood. Some believe that a cat has 9 lives. This star would kill you seven times. If you survived, you are a great man. Seven killing normally is an act of petty person or something that beyond our control that might jeopardize ourselves.

Direct Officer

If we work very hard and our boss can see our efforts,  a promotion is in our hand. Direct officer can be considered as our boss or we might be the boss. All these are the result of our action done prior to the current position. Now, if we recall the hurting officer star, it is hurting this direct officer in many ways. The most obvious is if we just talk (a hurting officer character) without action, our boss will be sure not happy.

Indirect Resource

Finally we go to the last stage of growing cycle, which is something to do with the information or support provided to us.  Any secondary information or support from the main’s one is called Indirect Resource. These type of supports or information are uncertain. We used to say people with sixth sense possess an indirect resource because it tells a not explainable truth.

Direct Resource

Information that is formed by fact and consists of all factual and direct supports. All historical data are searchable and tractable. A Direct Resource star makes us a sensible and educated person.


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