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Bazi Reading Singapore – Nurture Your Child’s Natural Potential

Please look at the picture above, this is an insect but it looks like a plant. Sometimes, we are not sure what is our children’s potential and Bazi can help us to identify their natural talents and we can find proper way to nurture them. We as parents sometimes might have our own inspiration on the future of our kids should be. You might not like your kids to do the way at their highest potential to succeed as you do not think it is useful for them. Taking similar example on this pretty green creature. The mother of this insect might not like her to look like an insect, having that said, in the way that it looks like a plant and it will gain higher chance to get its rewards which is its prey.

This is the first priority for us as parents to accept it. Once Bazi has identified the talent of our kids, by knowing it, this information will install a potential power in our mind. The true result will come when we implement it. Normally we want to unleash our talent at the month branch from our Bazi chart.

This can be derived from a few aspects:

Firstly, the month of branch represents our career pillar, we want our talents to be useful for our career development and generating income.

Secondly, we create efficiencies through monthly activities as we form our habit after 28 days which also implying one month period.

Normally we separate our month pillars into 4 seasons i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Based on the season, we know what is the most prosperous element with respect to your child’s day master and we know what it means to them.

Let’s say a child is borne on Autumn with day master of Jia Wood. Autumn metal is strong and Wood needs metal to trim for growing up and branching across. Ironically, you can nurture on his financial acumen since his young age which fit his Jia nature. This can cultivate his own nature and talent concurrently. As parent, you can teach him financial skill and cultivate his branched out talent (Jia nature) to utilize his financial skills. Find an environment for him so that he can learn selling, trading, saving and investing. This can diversify his asset and have potential to grow. It is combining the characteristic of the month and day pillars to cherish your child.

Another example is a kid with Ding fire who borne on Spring. Spring are Wood strong and Wood is a resource to Ding fire. As parent, do let your kid to do more learning and cultivate his public speaking skill. It is important for Ding fire to inspire others. A resource star in month pillar is indicating that knowledge is important for them to shine.

We, as parents, should try our best to find out the potential of our kids. Once you have discovered their potentials, we need to apply them. Knowledge is a potential power and prosperous result is an act of consistent implementation.

Start observe and plan now.

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