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Manage Your Wealth

No matters who you are, you would need to manage your wealth. Although one day if you have a single cent left, you would also need to manage your wealth. As this is something to do with awareness. You need to know and aware that how much wealth you have and then you are at your starting point of amass your wealth.
Have a look at the photo of the pretty row of buildings, there are so luxury that you would like to own one of them. In term of management, you need to plan to get the next and the next building. Once you have owned all of them, you still can plan for the row of buildings in the reflection of the river.

Can you see how can we manage our wealth?

First, we need to know how much we have now and how much we want to attain. Then we can plan. The first assignment you might just need to do some rough estimation from your bank accounts and some fixed assets. The second planning of wealth management is to set target to attain and it should be within your ability to with time bound. Normally in Bazi term, we set short term targets for 1 year; long term targets for 5 to 10 years.

All set? Now go find your intelligent star.

Normally our intelligent star is Eat God Star inside our branch, except for Fire Day Master, its intelligent star is their wealth star.


Day Master






















If inside there are intelligent stars in your own chart, you should be the person who is able to plan for your future, learn through self study and apply the knowledge correctly. Sometimes, you still need noblemen stars to help you out to get great mentors or gurus. They will give you a correct direction to improve and manage your wealth.

You can identify both noblemen and intelligent stars from your own chart or the people you want to approach. This is also applicable to the timing you would like to meet your noblemen or grasp through the subject that you need to learn.
For example, if you are Ding fire day master and you want to learn more about wealth management subject, you can seek advice from people with your intelligent star or noblemen star which is 酉(so coincident both are rooster). Then the best time for you to study the subject is during You 酉hour which is every day’s from 5pm to 7pm.

You can be more creative during these noblemen and intelligent star arrangement in term of timing or people or activities. The most important thing is you must have the desire to manage your own wealth and make it as an essential element in your life.


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