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Bazi Reading Singapore – Make Your Wish Come True

Christmas is around the corner again and Santa is coming to town. He is making a list and he is checking it twice. He sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake.

Is true that we are guard by higher power and we are protected by them. The divine energy want us unleash our full potential and became better person. Just we as mundane human being tends to forgot how to became better self. Can we make 2020 an excellent year for us? Which aspect of your life you want to have excellent improvement?

Actually you can ride with the Qi for year 2020 and make it the best ever year you have. Just you a clarity of what you want. Then the reindeer can deliver the GREAT present to you. So, what you need to do now? You need to know, what you want first. Please select one from th list below:

  • Wealth
  • Fulfillment
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Relationship
  • Social life

Maybe you will ask, why cannot take all? Let’s us do step by step. We get next right step done and you will know how to proceed. Now you need to know 2020 year forecast for our 12 animals.

  • Rat – Take leadership role
  • Cow – Ask for help and help others
  • Tiger – Traveling
  • Rabbit – Built Rapport
  • Dragon – Take note on legal documents
  • Snake – Stay positive
  • Horse – Be flexible
  • Goat – Full gear on whatever you want
  • Monkey – Think twice before you talk
  • Rooster – Stay happy
  • Dog – Be a star
  • Pig – Let’s study

Here are the present for you and how to use it? Firstly, you need to know what animal sign you have in your Bazi chart by using the online available plotter. Secondly, match your animal sign with the above activity make sense to your goal.

Let’s us take some example. You are person with Cow in Bazi chart and you want year 2020 you will have excellent social life. Then you study where is the Cow reside in your 4 pillar. If it come with your year pillar, hey you go more parties and know more people through helping them or ask for help. You will find out this will unlock great opportunities for you.

Still not ready? See whether you got dragon or not, if 2020 you want have new property, then all legal document are crucial to take notes. It also applied to relationship if you would like tied a knot with your better half. Maybe got some mistake in the documentation you need to take note. Sometime renew driving license also need recheck whether the plate number is your car plate number or not.

Tiger in your day pillar? Go travel with your spouse and you will have excellence year ahead. What it means by dog in year pillar be a star? You can start your online business by casting your product with yourself as your own product’s ambassador. Many more fun you can figure out from it. As long as you willing make your dream come true. Sure you can relate it.

Once you can relate it, reindeer are delivering your gift by next year end. See you soon!


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