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Leverage Your Wealth

The common financial term for leverage is something to do with borrowing other’s money to make investment. In Bazi reading Singapore, we also know certain element can leverage better in certain situation. Look at the Ferris wheel, everyone has their turn to reach the top.

How to leverage your wealth

Wu Earth peoples normally have their own strong skill and quality to attain the wealth they want. Peoples in the group of knowledge elite are Ding Fire, Ren Water and Jia Wood. These three-elements are able to convert figure into real money. Gui Water have very good intuition so that they can hire true professional to help them to justify their intuition is correct or wrong.

Yi Wood is the best person in leveraging other’s knowledge into wealth. Bing fire and Geng metal need to get some financial knowledge before they can start whatever investment. Ji Earth peoples need to control their emotion and invest in stable and long-term investments. Finally, for Xin metal, they just need to act once they saw a great investment deal instead of just talk about it.

If your Bazi chart does not has the knowledgable element like Ding, Ren, Jia, not to worry, you always can make friends with the peoples with these elements. It is better if you know that they are also your noblemen or intelligent star in their chart. As we know, leverage is something to do with borrowing. Knowledge, ideas, and many things also can be borrowed and create your own wealth.

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