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Bazi Reading Singapore – Excel With Happiness

There was an open interview session conducted in a hotel. Three interviewers had been assigned to interview 40 persons for each day during two days.

The typical greeting of the interviewer was “ Hi, how are you?” and most interviewees answered,

“I am fine, thank you.”

It was such a long day to go for him to hear about 79 persons with typical answer of

“I am fine, thank you.”

When he reached the last interviewee to close his file. While expecting last

“I am fine, thank you.”

He opened his chapter with :”Hi, how are you?”. The fellow replied.

“Excellent! How about you?”

What a magic words! The interview went well and this fellow had been selected as one of the top 3 successful candidates. As one of the 1.25% chances successful candidate, what had this fellow done?

We assumed this interviewee was a lady. By using words of “Excellent! How about you?” she not only cheered up the conversation but she also added personal connection with the interviewer. Based on this first impression, she made people feel good and connected. Yes, this was also applicable to Bazi study.

With current world population of 7.7 billion, we can consider about 1.75 million peoples might have same Bazi Chart. What make these 1.75 millions have different lifes? Others than external factors, it is sure that there are something important that grow within internally. The magic words of “Excellent! How about you?” play an important role to lead the way of success.

This sentence is very positive and interactive. This is also same to our life and our perspective to Bazi. We need to find the positive value out from any clashes, harms, destructions, punishments and unfavorable gods.

Interactive means we can communicate with our Bazi and it will never have the same “I am fine, thank you” answer. The most important is you need to have curiosity to know more about yourself and able to lead it to positive direction.

Based of these words, you also can see “Excellent!” is a very output structure and “How about you?” is typical companion structure. With this combination, you can create a first impression positively to others as well as your own. For 60 Jia Zi point of view, this combination always is heavenly stem seats on its resource star. For example, Ren day master output and companion structure will be “Jia Zi 甲子and “Yi Hai 乙亥. These kind of pillars are very strong and flexible.

Please start your day with mindfulness, creative and positive mindset. The excellent life is yours.

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