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Awareness is the starting point – Lets’ travel for Tigers

From the previous post, we have noted some core activities we have to do for year 2020 but we are still not sure what they exactly mean. Let’s explore from Bazi’s perspective.

Above is a chart for a person with two tigers which located at his year and day pillars. During the year of 2020, the best activity for a tiger in the chart is travelling. Now, let’s us explore how this person can beneficial from the universe in year 2020.

Having tigers in both year and day pillars are an indication that this person has plenty of travelling luck that has prepared for him during year 2020. Hence, this person should accept any offers that allow him or her travelling around the world, as this is not just bringing wealth to him or her. If we go into the elements that are stored inside Tiger are Jia, Wu and Bing. Jia is Wu day master’s 7K (7 Killing), which indicating that he or she is able to rise in corporate ladder in this year if he or she is willing to take the offer. The element of Wu and Bing are his Buddy and Indirect Resource stars. Both stars are indicating that he or she will enjoy traveling and will be able to get assistance along the way while he or she is travelling.

We might be arguing that the 7K is also indicating a sign of danger. It is true as all travelling might concealing certain level of risk. So, he is still need to be resilient while he or she is travelling. Nevertheless, the 7K that representing by Jia Wood for Wu Earth also is important for his enlightenment for all plants especially those big plant grow from earth. The true vision of earth is actually its ability to bear a plant that glory. Please imagine a pictorial image of this Bazi. It is a very greenery hill with Sun (Bing Fire) at right and plenty of water moisturizing the jungle. It is such a beauty nature scenery!

If we are looking for the internal side of Tiger at day pillar, it is indicating that travelling with spouse. This is interpreting that the person is able to bring wealth luck to his or her spouse from travelling. This can be done in a few ways. Firstly, he can bring some rare or special items along the way and let his or her spouse to sell them in local market. He or she also can inspire spouse by sharing own travel experience. Traveling star is also indicating the ability to gain wealth inspiration while travelling. There are more things to explore but we will start step by step.

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