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Workplace Harmony

Our goals are like the sun that cherish us. We might be at the certain level as per the stage set as per the photo shown above portraying work place harmony from Bazi Reading Malaysia. No matters which stage you are in, the best thing is you still can see the sun and work towards your goal.

Year 2019 is heading to the end, are you still pondering your vision? Are you getting clearer on what you want? What is your short-term or long-term target of life?

In bazi, our long-term targets normally are 5 to 10 years target. Short-term target is one-year planning. It comprises of strategical planning and tactical planning. Strategically we need to focus on our core values, tactically we handle the issue arises along the path we head for our visions.

Your life purpose might not have related to work but work place affecting us the most. It should be a part of your tactical vision to achieve your strategical goal.

It is very easy to attain work place harmony if you know what your goal and what others want. If you able to work well with others, they can create wealth and happiness for you. Jia Wood people is steady and progressive. They like less risky activity and provide them back up plan. This will make them to become your back up when you needed.

Yi Wood and Xin Metal peoples like the feeling of superiority. As long as we let them get the lime line, they are glad to work with you. Bing fire peoples have kind and generous nature, you need be grateful on what they have done for you and you will get unlimited support. In contrary to it’s counter part, Ding fire need resources to shine and tend to have flicker minded. When we are communicating with them, do make sure our emotion is calm.

Wu and Ji Earth both are very reliable and trustworthy persons who we can rely on. Just need to give time to Wu earth as they might take a bit longer time to complete the task with quality. While, for Ji earth, we need to give them clarity on the task which is assigned to them. Geng metal is doer, just give some time to explain to them what their scopes of work and they will complete it.

Water element represent wisdom and knowledge. Place them into the area that need more technical and research base frontier. You will gain benefit from them.

Works done together is better than alone. Even our only Sun like to shine on our mother earth. Love yourself, make your life full of purpose and cherish what you have. This will make you stronger and stronger.


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