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The long forgotten 5W1H, What, Why, Where, Who, When and How. Can play an important role for us to transform our ideas into wealth generation tools. Here we apply a shifting palace rules. From your hour pillar looking into your month pillar what is it represented? Then we can reverse engineering to create an impact for our life. Why now hour pillar important? This is because now most of us are trapped in house to weather the storm. Such critical period our internal strength are crucial. Now we need to pull our mind out to generate money. Which creative thinking and think out of the pillar are essential.

What I can do during this lock down period? Why I need to do it now? How I can do it now? Where is the audience group I can focus on? Who is the buyer/bosses for this product/idea? When I can do it? The Final When is sure is now. Others please let’s us explore one example to get clearer idea.

This Geng Zi day master have Bing Xu at the hour pillar and Ji Mao at the month pillar. As now we search for our inner most feeling or idea turn into career pillar. Now is the time to show cast what we think into our career. Heavenly steam is something we can see and earthly branches are something we need to dig in. So now we go for something most internal and dig out to external

Let’s us study the relationship from Wu Earth to Yi Wood. Yi Wood is Direct officer to Wu Earth, now we use our 5W1H.

  • WHAT is direct officer represent from Wu Earth perspective? Ji Wood as Direct Officer to Wu Earth, it mean good at negotiation. Yi Wood help Wu Earth express themselves. You can see that bare mountain is so bored, if we have some pretty plant it will be amazing scenery. There are one more characteristic for Yi Wood in growing and online education with proper system should be one good start. Now is the time speak out.
  • WHY Wu Earth need to act in this way? We back to basic, Wu earth represent something rigid and huge. Yi wood are important to Wu Earth as a sign of living and flexibility need to adapt to let’s Wu Earth’s capability to shine during this period.
  • WHERE is her platform to perform her idea? Since now everyone at home, the one and only platform is internet. Social Media Platform, Create your own Webpage, Blogging, Virtual World, Other’s People Existing Platform. Or, do charity works. Be a front liner. We will discuss it on other episode.
  • WHO is your target customer? The person who have direct officer characteristic are your target customer. So whatever you showcase should be proper information with reliable source. The product need to be follow the procedure as well as can fix the chaos now the world facing. As per suggested before, online education package is a great and simple tool that essential for now.
  • WHEN is the best time to showcase? NOW is the time. Anyway, we also can refer back our own bazi’s noblemen time as well as peach blossom time. For Geng Zi day master, noblemen time are 1:00am – 3:00am and 1:00pm – 3:00pm and peach blossom time is from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.
  • HOW to do it? Just do it. If you haven’t got the skillset to do inline broadcast, learn first. If you know it and very good at it then continue doing more. We take same example of online education. Since your mind is Wu Xu which got chance to became famous this year, you just speak your mind out with education elements. It’s depends on what is your inner strength. What you currently good as and you eagerly want to show off.

We need doing something with clear mission and align with future trend. As long as you get your niche now, your future will secured. Best wish to you all. Stay strong and stay healthy.

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