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Bazi Reading Malaysia – STAY HOME, STAY STRONG

This month’s Feng Shui flying star is same as year 2020. This resonance impact has forced many of us staying home in many countries. Malaysia Government enforced “Movement Restriction Order” to all citizens.

Many of us need to work from home and some of us even need to stay at home without working. All of us still can do one important thing – Home Cleaning.

Maybe our hectic life has made us to forget that our home is most important shelter for us. During this period, let’s rediscover the importance of our home. Home is the most important core value to form common ground for us. Our home’s health is equally important as our own health. Since we are staying at home to prevent disaster, we need to ensure that our home is safe for us to stay. Home safety can start from cleaning as well as decluttering.

Referring to the Feng Shui Flying Star above, we know that this month has double impacts to all sectors. The East 5 and South 2 are the most no-go sectors for us. So, we should avoid these two sectors as much as possible. Meanwhile, we can explore other great opportunities that have double effect on wealth and prosperity. These sectors are the places we should clean now.

Before doing the cleaning, we need to know the reason why we need to clean it. Let’s study what is the number indicated on remaining sectors. The most sought-after are West 9, North East 1, South East 6 and South West 4. North 3 is this year’s Tai Shui place and is a gossip star. We still can clean it with cautious because Tai Shui’s place should be clean and clear.

Center is 7 Star with money losing element where we need to clear off obstacles. When there are dirty obstacles located at the center of our home, they make us not comfortable and we need to declutter them. Let’s see which dates is best suit for us to clean these two places.

Now, you would need to know what is the good star at 9,8,1,6 and 4 sectors and you can start any time to clean them with mindfulness. When cleaning, think positive because you are decluttering unused items that you might have leave them there for more than one year. Since you are not using them for the last year or longer, you won’t use them forever. It might be spoiled when you use them.

Clean them with a clear mind!

  • West 9 is wealth and power luck star.
  • North West 8 is wealth and property luck increasing star.
  • North East 1 is noblemen luck that improves relationship star.
  • Career improvement star at South East 6.
  • Lastly, is the most important intelligent star at South West 4.

You can setup your work from home station at these places and gain the positive Qi. When you are at the work place, there are prearrange layout that forbids you to decide your position and location to work. With work from home, now you can and please do it. A fortunate stroke of serendipity will come to you.

Here are daily flying stars for these few days. Start cleaning can keep our mind active and reduce the sedentary effect from Netflix. Our country needs healthy and strong citizens after this Movement Restriction Order.

Let’s study for the daily flying stars for these few days.

20 March 2020

(Can Clean North)

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

21 March 2020

(Can Clean Center)

5 1 3
4 6 8
9 2 7

22 March 2020


6 2 4
5 7 9
1 3 8

23 March 2020

(Can Clean North and Center)

7 3 5
6 8 1
2 4 9

24 March 2020

(Can Clean Center)

8 4 6
7 9 2
3 5 1

25 March 2020

(Can Clean North and Center)

9 5 7
8 1 3
4 6 2

26 March 2020

(Can Clean North)

1 6 8
9 2 4
5 7 3

27 March 2020

(Can Clean North)

2 7 9
1 3 5
6 8 4

28 March 2020

(Can Clean North and Center)

3 8 1
2 4 6
7 9 5

As mentioned before, avoid do massive cleaning at East and South. Clean center and north on selected dates. Other places please start clean now. Hope all of us getting better after cleaning and decluttering our home.

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