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Hi all, is your home clean and you are able to feel the fresh air now? Or you have not started yet? If you have not started, you still can use the same flying star chart because the flying star is cyclical. Hence, I re-post the chart here that is continued from 28th March and it will be keep on repeating as per below. By 4th April 2020, Geng Chen Month will start and new flying star chart will begin. During that time, you should clean your house and kick start mind cleaning activity.

29 March 2020

(Can Clean North)

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

30 March 2020

(Can Clean Center)

5 1 3
4 6 8
9 2 7

31 March 2020


6 2 4
5 7 9
1 3 8

01 April 2020

(Can Clean North and Center)

7 3 5
6 8 1
2 4 9

02 April 2020

(Can Clean Center)

8 4 6
7 9 2
3 5 1

Please start Clean Your mind

03 April 2020

(Can Clean North and Center)

9 5 7
8 1 3
4 6 2

04 April 2020

(New Month Flying Chart)

You should start new activity

As illustrated at our post on the statue, you should start learning meditation if you don’t know about it yet. Try to practice it early in the morning so that you can have clean mind to start your great day. Although we can’t go out physically, we still have plenty of things to do. The location you can choose to meditate can be the auspicious places like West, North East, North West, South East and South West.

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As long as you are determined, you can gain benefit from your own inner peace and take impact actions. Please, give yourself a chance to win this battle.

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