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Your options to increase energy level

  1. Heal – Healing is one of the way to soothe your anxiety and stress, calm your mind;
    Meditation, Sound healing, Spiritual healing, Chakra healing…
  2. Eat – Eat healthily; Good dietary habits boost your energy levels
  3. Love – Love yourself, your family and the people around you. Be kind to yourself;
    Learn to be gratitude, be grateful and thankful to what you have in life; Learn to
    look at things from a different perspective
  4. Play – Exercise, the more you move, the more your energy vibrates; Yoga, Running,
    Qi Gong, Dancing, A walk in the nature…
  5. Sleep – Get enough sleep; Get quality sleep; Rest and relax
    Universe HELPS those who help themselves
    Yes, you do have options! Choose one that suit you

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