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Qi Men Dun Jia (Qi Men) is  a premier Chinese metaphysics art used since ancient times

Qi Men is a forecasting tool to predict the outcome of an events in relation to the universe energy at a specific time and place

Traditionally, Qi Men was mainly used for military activities in strategies planning to win battles by identifying the right time and place to attack the enemy

Todays, Qi Men has been broadly applied by practitioner in daily activities as a tool for:

– self-discovery and enhance self-confidence

– planning and strategy execution to implement plan effectively

– making important decisions in life

– increasing the chances of success

– helping improvement in the various aspects of life i.e career, relationship, 

   health, wealth, business…etc

– making the impossible, possible

San Yuan Qi Men (三元奇门) is the most commonly used in school of Qi Men nowadays, which consists of Forecasting  (奇门滪测) , Destiny Analysis (奇门命理),  Strategic Execution (奇门战略) and Feng Shui (奇门风水)

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