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BaZi Consultation Singapore – Season of Birth

As you might have known from Singapore BaZi chart consultation, month of birth (season of birth) is our career pillar. It is essential that our season of birth is supporting our career like Lin Dan’s bazi chart. Western astrology on Zodiac sign is also focusing on the Month of Birth. This time, lets us study how the season of birth is affecting us.

A career can be defined as how productive you are on what you are working on. The most straight forward interpretation is our job or career. In the form of season, we know that every season has a certain elements which can be prosperous, strong, trapped, weak or dead.

As a normal person, working hour has occupied 75% of our awake time. Therefore, we need to plan our life properly with the respect to our season of birth.


When you see this fruitful tree, you know Wood is Prosperous during spring season. You can expand and grow in your career and can branch out to get maximum profits. Wood produces Fire vigorously as well during this season because you can get supports from your growth.

Wood normally is related with the industry that has constant growth and is diversifying. Wood is related to fashion industry which involves major raw materials from fabric. Education is also one of the wood industry that cultivates growth for others. Similarly, consultation assists others to grow, find solution by taking action and progress measurement.


Please don’t feel unease when you see the droughty picture at the right. When Fire is prosperous, Wood needs to sacrifice and nurture the Earth. As such, we can conclude that during summer, Fire is prosperous, Wood will die and Earth is strong. Water is weak and Metal is trapped. If you have an Earth day master, you can get a great help from Fire to settle the mess for you. Burn all your seven killings and they will nurture you.

Fire is related to hope and inspiration. Chinese metaphysics is one of the Fire industries. Oil and gas industry with Fire element, I.T. and Telecommunication which spread very fast are Fire industries. Besides, entertainment and media that give inspiration and get attention are under this charming element as well.


Autumn is a season of celebration for Chinese Calendar. Chinese worship spiritual world during Autumn. Many Chinese traditional rituals like Ghost Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival,9th Emperor Festival and Lunar Valentine Day fall in Autumn.

All these festivals are preparations prior to the most critical season – Winter. Metal is prosperous during Autumn, which is the season for forming a trust with others as well as spiritual world that they will protect us to go through the winter.

We can conclude all righteous and hard works are related to metal industry. These include legal, goldsmith, jewelry, manufacturing and automobile. Banking and financial sectors are industries that involve trust.


This is the end of the year and some of the animals are hibernating during this season. Most of the trees are minimizing their energy level. You can notice that Water is prosperous during this time because it is going through all its states –  liquid, solid and vapor.
What can you relate with this most interchangeable element?

Yes, it is transportation, journalism, fisheries and wisdom. Any types of the highly intelligent industries are having relationship with water industry. Cleaning and laundry also fall into Water industry.

Earth, our mother earth

Lastly, we will be curious where is the Earth industry?  When are the Earth months?

People who are born at the end of every seasons are categorized as Earth. Since you will be seeing Earth in every seasons, metaphorically, you can associate that Earth industry is everywhere. The most prominent Earth industries are property, construction and mining. Earth is related to our Mother Earth that supports our life. That’s why Earth element is presented in every seasons. Hope this can help you to appreciate what Mother Earth has provided to us. Without Earth = Without Us.

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