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When we are in a quest of our life, we find plenty ways to get the answers. When you are reading this post, I know you also the person who has the desire to attain a better life. I have summarized our desires in our life into five main categories. You can see it is from mentality, health, wealth, family and society.

Our mentality is most important as in ancient Chinese saying “修身齐家然后平天下” which is applicable to the peoples who have the visionary mind to become emperor in ancient time. It states clearly that we need to have correct mind set as a starting point to succeed in life. The saying also states that with a correct and rightful mindset, we are able to outcome healthy mind and actions. Thus, we are able to nurture prosperous family. With strong family and society bonding, you can conquer the world.

Now, back to the basic, what you want in your life? Many people will say it is wealth, but ultimately why we need that much of wealth? Does it mean that you have the freedom to do whatever you want regardless of the constraints of time, people and location?

If it makes sense to you, now you would need to know HOW you can achieve this goal. In Bazi, we know there are 5 main categories namely mentality, family, health, wealth and society.  Our mind or mentality is our first place to start our entire life’s project.

How you can improve your mentality strength?

Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools to improve our mentality strength. The more you know, the better decision you can make. Bazi can open a door for you to know yourself better. Inspiration is the next item to look for which determine what area you want to delve further and implement your excellent ideas into to improve the society.

Let us talk about health

Normally, health is the element we would like to precious it when losing it. If you are really falling sick, you need to know the reason why you want to recover. With a healthy body, you can attain specifically on your career or business fulfillment.

It is all about relationship

After we have gained an achievement, we do not want to celebrate it alone. Now is the time to form up relationship as well as family. Based on Bazi, you have some clearer view on what your expectation on your relationship. You will also discover your personal magnetism through Bazi. Now, is the chance for you to utilize the knowledge as a useful tool to improve your relationship.

You want to be more passionate with your better half? You want to have more constructive communication when talking to your kids? You want to increase your family member? You want your loved one to be safe and sound? Through all these interaction with society around you, how you can improve it one by one.

You know what you lacking?

The best timing to start or implement all your targets. We had recently newly launch a new product that determine your most powerful days based on your Bazi. You want to try it out? Just click this link to do payment Best Timing Report and notify me that you want the best timing report with your date and time of birth. I will perform the analysis and send over to you.

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