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Bazi Consultation Malaysia has introduced the fundamental of Bazi in last article. It is about the 5 elements. From the 5 elements, there are the variances. It is the Yin and Yang. The direct translation is feminine and masculine or anything that antonym to each other. Let’s us find out more for nature’s Yin and Yang:




Yang Elements


Flexible Rigid Wood Vine (Yi – Yin Wood)

Mahogany (Jia – Yang Wood)


Day Fire Candle (Ding -Yin Fire) Sun (Bing -Yang Fire)
Acceptance Order Earth Paddy (Ji – Yin Earth) Mountain (Wu – Yang Earth)
Ornament Tool Metal Jewels (Xin – Yin Metal) Hammer (Geng – Yang Metal)
Dissolved Massive Water Mist (Gui – Yin Water)

Ocean (Ren – Yang Water)


Jia Yang Wood

Jia Wood take time to grow, nurturing, trimming is the part of growing for Jia Wood. Strong, resilient and tall when we see the matured Jia wood. Jia wood is very independent and happy to share his resource to others. We eat Jia Wood’s fruits. We rest underneath Jia Wood while weather is hot. We even track Jia Wood down for many other purposes.

If you are Jia (Yang Wood) Person

You are ethical, principle and righteous. You have ambitious mind. You target your goal with steady pace and determination. Once you achieve your pinnacle, you will start to diversity your talent, investment and market. You have the thirst of success and do not mind sharing with others.

Yi Yin Wood

We like to see bonsai tree that very flexible and adorable. Yes, Yi Wood can survive in any circumstances. It has a strong will to grow and survive. Yi wood need medium to climb up to top to get the resources it needed. Once it gets supported, it will follow the shape of the supporting element. if you can prepare the best for Yi Wood, it will become the best.

If you are Yi (Yin Wood) Person

People see you can sense your aura, you like the blossom flowers at the spring. Your scent, your look and your voice able to attract various envois and attractions. The ability to adopt and flexible is your strength. You are the great survival under any circumstances. After the storm, the grass still growing. This is Yi Wood Person.

Bing Yang Fire

Day, sun is the Yang Fire represent day. Sun rise and set everyday never ending. Sun is the one surely rounding the clock and always be there. People love Sun, we play, we dry our clothes, we picnic and most of us working during day time. When day time we not see Sun, we feel moody and lost.

If you are Bing (Yang Fire) Person

Servicing and confident is their mambo. They always on time and punctual. Everything is in their order which difficult to break. This make you are persistent people in nature and able to achieve your goal. You like to help others, people tend to take it for granted. As like how the Sun help us but we rarely thankful to sun. Just be yourself and you will happy.

Ding Yin Fire

During night time, we need fire to see the world. Ding Fire can influence others and giving others hope. We use fire to cook food, to mold metal and warm our body. Ding fire need medium for its to continue burning.

If you are Ding (Yin Fire) Person

You are very polite and enthusiastic. You can work in detailed. Small fire is illuminating that live up others’ life and cheers up others. When we in doubt, the fire like the lighthouse in the ocean. When you are in the good mood, you are the spotlight. While if you are burning, the devastation also significant which hurting others as well as yourself.

Wu Yang Earth

When you see Mountain, you admire the magnificent of nature. When we see mountain, we must give way, detour or overcome it. When we faced mountain, a sense of fear or conquering spirit will come into our mind.

If you are Wu (Yang Earth) Person

We feel calm to see Wu Earth Person. You are portraying the stable and dependable characteristic nature. You able keep your promise and secret. Just due to the massiveness of Wu Earth you also tend to be lack of flexibility or unable to digest other’s suggestions. Externally, you are gentle and accommodating; internally you are very tough person. Wu earth, tend to sacrifice themselves for their loved one.

Ji Yin Earth

Yin Earth is a nurturing land. We plan according to season to gain maximum yield. The land without proper planning will grow bushes. The flat land able grow everything and accept everything without complain.

If you are Ji (Yin Earth) Person

Ji earth, is mother earth. They are loving and intelligent in nature. Although they are intelligent but due to earth nature they tend to lose the debate or discussion that required quick wit. They love to learn new knowledge and open to novelty view. They are trustworthy like our mother.

Geng Yang Metal

The tool we use normal is from Geng Metal. The car we drive is the most apparent example of transportation tool that we use in daily life. Tool in transportation all are Geng Metal. Farmer use many tools that from metal. We need Geng Metal to work.

If you are Geng (Yang Metal) Person

You can take pressure as well as hardships. After the storm, you became more and more capable. Geng metal altruistic nature makes them very helpful to others. They are the person that straight forward and accurately pin-pointed to the mistake occurs. They like to make their hand dirty while working instead of instructing others to work on it.

Xin Yin Metal

Everyone like ornament, it boasts our confident level. Ornaments and jewels are considered fashionable all over the world. Traditionally, people wear metal also showing their status and wealth. Xin metal love to be admired.

If you are Xin (Yin Metal) Person

You like attentions and you like to instruct others to make your works done. This not means that you are lazy, just you know the secret of empowering. Somehow, you also more easily been influence as you lack firm principle. Xin Metal people also very sentimental people that love your family and friends. Your comradeship very strong. You like to mingle with others and the best to become leader!

Ren Yang Water

Ocean, is very massive and peaceful. Ocean is the biggest water source on the earth. We dump rubbish into river, we take water from river and we need water every day for daily life. The water seems like very resourceful. Yes, just beware of tsunami, blow you up and down.

If you are Ren (Yang Water) Person

Ren Water is people of intelligent, you as resourceful as ocean. Looking at ocean, you also able to keep secret under the sea. On good day, passing boats are the only puddle that disturbs the tranquility of ocean. The gentle wave nurture whole ecosystem underneath the sea. You are kind and compassionate if you are in stable mood. Once, you get agitated, you will become rebellious and confrontative.

Gui Yin Water

Mist is everywhere, just we do not notice. Early morning mist become dew. While the sun come the mist evaporated. In a one good day, it’s become a rain. Through the hydrological cycle, you never know where is the Gui Water from or go. Once you noticed, its disappeared.

If you are Gui (Yin Water) Person

Gui Water is mysterious. Your mobility very high in both action and mind. When you talked to others, your mind might be already generated new ideas on the topics you are discussing. You have you mission to achieve. You are very good teacher because you are able simplified complicated stuff. Due to your unstable nature, you are emotional and lack of staying power. Let’s travel around, Gui Water.

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