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Bazi Chart Analysis Malaysia

Bazi Chart Analysis Malaysia is providing career guidance based on bazi chart analysis for your kids as a parent, for yourself as a employee, for your staffs as a manager or employer.

For parents:

A famous Chinese saying. “a characteristic of a kid at age of three would influence the rest of his or her life till the age of eighty”. As parents, we are worry about our child’s future and career path. We are now living in a digital age that changes happen rapidly, we are not sure what is the useful or suitable  education to give to our children so that they can adopt to the society after the graduation of university or college.

Is it necessary that every kids must go for tertiary education and targeted to work in a big corporate as their ultimate career path? Or there are actually other alternatives available that is suitable for our children to excel in their future career. What kind of characteristic your child has portrayed to you and what is their gifted talents that determine their future success?

You , as parent, can do something about it if you understand your kid’s strengths and weaknesses accurately. We can guide our kids based their strengths and motivate them at their weaknesses. Choosing a correct career path for our kids are so vital that it will be impacting them for the rest of their life. Every children have their own destiny and it is not necessary that they have to follow the defacto career path that everyone think is the best without fully understanding our kids’ characteristic in depth.

Today, let’s get your kid’s bazi chart analysis by submitting his or her birth date and time to us. You can ask up to three questions to discover their potentials and guide them in their career.

For individual:

Working? Unemployed? Happy with work? Feeling of changing work?  In our life, finding or selecting the best suitable career for yourself plays an important role to decide you will have a pleasant or disastrous life. If you are working and looking for self-improvement, job satisfaction, salary increment and career growth, what kind of action you would be taking?  When you are discontented with your current working life, would you think of changing the situation by starting up your own business or take up another challenge in career? Ever being doubted that these changes will lead to a better or worse life?

We see linkage between bazi chart analysis and career guidance to assist you to find your least resistance way to achieve your best job and destiny.

For Employer or Manager:

Always hire a wrong candidate for the job although everything went well on the personality and technical test? Can it be a mismatch between the employee personality and the job scope or working culture causing the under perform? Hence it is very important to hire a right candidate to join your company and cherish together with your existing staffs. This will help you to retain talent and get exponential benefits.

While doing performance review, knowing your staff’s personality and giving correct feedback is very important to align everyone towards the company direction,  Even during turbulence times, when changes are inevitable, you can discover and train your team members based on their hidden talents to diversify company business directions.

Let’s help you to consolidate your staffs’ bazi chart analysis and provide you a new insight that what you and your team can work together to archive another milestones ahead!


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