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BaZi Analysis Singapore – Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches Relationships

BaZi Analysis Singapore had briefly touched about heavenly stem and earthly branches topic during our discussion in four pillar in BaZi. Now we talked about their relationships.

In Chinese Metaphysics, we have trinity that is divided into heaven, earth and human. As our Bazi consists heaven and earth combination, we as a human being is the defacto for everything that will become reality in the bazi chart. This is from how we react with what heaven given to us as well as how we plan our life.

We have 5 types of Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches relationships.

  1. Heaven and Earth in Unity
  2. Heaven Counters Earth
  3. Heaven Grows Earth
  4. Earth Counters Heaven
  5. Earth Grows Heaven

Sound familiar? Yes, we are applying the same principles for all aspects. The five elements which are Yin and Yang and ten gods are representing everything in our life.

Below are some examples to share with you on these 5 relationships:

Heaven and Earth in Unity



As you can see from the four pillars above, the top and bottom are elements with same Yin Yang. For example, the Heaven of first pillar is Yang Wood and Earth is Tiger which is Yang as well. This means that you know who you are and you know how to become what you want. This is a very auspicious or lucky pillar in the BaZi chart. Looks at this big tree, it has attained it top by itself with great patience and endurance.







As for these four pair of pillars above, it has more advantages than the previous four pillars. This is because there are same elements with both Yin and Yang together. This means you can think properly while you act. This kind of balancing effects make you attain your career goal effectively. Now you see this scenic view of the beach side. The cloud (Gui Water) and Sea (Ren Water) are complementing each others and create the harmony and peaceful scene of nature.

Heaven Counters Earth

This is akin to a controlling parents while you are young. There are so many restrictions and cause you tired. Since our parents’ messages are authoritative,  our choices are limited. If this situation is happening in your Bazi Chart of luck pillar, you will feel the stress under others’ restrictions. Have a look at the scenery at the top left, the Sun (Bing Fire) would like to shine but the Cloud (Gui Water) is blocking. Now, the Sun can not outshine its aura and has been hindered. It is not easy to overcome the cloud with this tedious and sorrow situation until the rainbow arrival.

Heaven Grows Earth

When you have the heaven growth pillar, you have the competitive niche with your creative ideas. You can find the most inspiring idea from your daily life and can transform it to a profiting business. For example, when you are strolling around the streets and you find out that the neighborhood is lacking of drinks selling in the shops. at a busy street Then you hit the target market and make a profitable business.

Earth Counters Heaven

The situation now is the son would like to rebel his parents and it a hard time for both parents and kids. Since infant are at growing stage, it will be disadvantageous to them and there are resistances that are beyond our capabilities. When we are going through this luck pillar in our bazi chart, we will face incidents that are beyond our controls and we need to overcome it with our limited resources. Yes, it is very challenging and you know that the reward is waiting behind if we managed to sail through the storm.

Earth Grows Heaven

For earth grows heaven, your creativity creates impacts to the society. This make you become invincible. You take your own initiative to change the world and the society find your idea is useful and impressive. One of the great example is the invention of Apple IPhone.

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