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BaZi Analysis Singapore – The Five Elements

BaZi Analysis Singapore – There are five elements in BaZi analysis and can be analyzed through growing cycle, weakening cycle and countering cycle.

Growing Cycle

The first relationship we will go through is the growing relationship. When we analyze about the five elements, we identify about their relationship. It would need our imagination to appreciate that the whole world is made of these five elements ( which is true! ). Subsequently, you will find it out very easy.  Let’s us start from below:

Metal Grows Water

Among the five elements, Metal is the only element that can transform from solid to liquid (or water) when metal is burned. While it is cold, it will attracts water to condensate on top of its surface.

Water Grows Wood

This is the most straight forward growing relationship that we can find in our natural life. All plants need water to grow.

Wood Grows Fire

In nature, we can identify that fire needs wood to burn.

Fire Grows Earth

After fire is burned, everything will turn into ashes which are the origin of earth.

Earth Grows Metal

We know that all minerals (or metals) are emerged from the earth through crystallization or from cooled lava.

Weakening Cycle

Weakening, by the name, we know that it makes the strong elements become weak, to turn the weak elements to become exhausted. This is akin to a mother after delivering a baby. The whole body system is weakened by giving birth to a new life. In summary, the weakening relationship is reversed from the growing relationship.

Water Weakens Metal

We know that if metal is attached with water for a long time, its will be rusted. This is the effect of water weakens the metal by corrosion.

Metal Weakens Earth

When we extract a huge amount of minerals or metals from our mother earth, all the soils or stones will be collapsed. This is also the phenomena of weakening the earth.

Earth Weakens Fire

When the fire is burning and if we do not clear the earth or ashes surrounding, you will notice that the ashes start to decline the burning by blocking the oxygen to react with it.

Fire Weakens Wood

When wood is on fire, wood will not be only weakened, it will be diminished.

Wood Weakens Water

After absorbing by wood, the quantity of water is getting lesser. This can be observed from the suction process of wood when it is soaked in water.

Countering Cycle

Sometime, the effect of countering is fiercer than the weakening effect. When it is taking place, pain will be endured. It is just like being beaten by someone who is physically stronger than you. You will feel the pain and you will know that it is very difficult to out beat them.

Metal Counters Wood

Hammer and saw are designed for cutting the wood. This is the classic example of countering we noticed in our nature.

Wood Counters Earth

When wood grows from earth, the soil will be loosen. The growth of the root can force the stone to break. This will make the earth uneasy.

Earth Counters Water

Water is formless in nature. Once it is contained by vase, well, pond or even swimming pool, its activities will be restricted. Water with restriction will always seek a way to escape.

Water Counters Fire

This is what our fire-fighters do during the fire drill. Once fire encountered water, it will be diminished.

Fire Counters Metal

Once the strong metal meets fire, it will melts and will lost all the integrity which a metal is proud of. This is a great pain!

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