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Bazi Reading Malaysia – Your Brain Power With Your Resource Star

Here is our final chapter for resourcefulness and we will talk about your resource star that is nourishing your output element. It means your knowledge and skill that amaze others.

This is a “Lady Xin Metal” Day Master chart with Ji is the resource star for her. Ji Earth is at her Big Hidden Stem and is nourishing her Xin Metal and Gui Water.

Since Ji Chou is at her month pillar, she can make use of her knowledge and skill to excel in her career. The resource star is nourishing her Gui water on heavenly stem.

By Xin metal nature is talkative and her month pillar’s heavenly stem has her Gui Water as her Eating God. She is able to influence or inspire other like a cloud.

This type of skill set and knowledge are quite similar with our intelligent star. They are able to understand well on what they have learnt and made it useful to their own purpose.

I believe she can succeed in career. This can see from her eating god (Gui Water) that helps her to plan well and to speak out her inner beauty of Xin metal like diamond sparkling. Her resource star is in her career pillar is also indicating that she has strong support from her team and superior.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – When Travel Star Meets Resource Star

This round we discuss about Bazi Chart’s Day Master with resource star that nourishing Direct officer/Seven Killing and Friend/Rob Wealth. We take two examples and add another introduction on traveling star.

Our traveling star is derived from our Day Master’s Earthly Nranch with respect to Traveling Star Table for your reference. Example: Wu Zi (戊子-Earth Rat)Day Master your travel star is Yin (寅-Tiger) ;  Bing Shen (丙申-Fire Monkey) Day Master your travel start also Yin (寅-Tiger) .

You can notice that all the traveling stars are clashing with another traveling stars from the 3 Harmony Earthly Branch. For example Shen is Clash with Yin, Hai is clash with Si. This indicates from its growth nature of these branches, similar to growth mindset. These four animal signs are called Forever Growth and Sky Horse in Chinese (长生/驿马). This is because the Hidden Stems of these Stars are always in growth circle, like Shen (寅) hidden stems are Jia (Wood) – Bing (Fire) – Xu (Earth) which is equivalent to Wood grows Fire grows Earth.

We can expect traveling stars involve movement and change. It is also representing our growth in life. In our current constantly changing world, this is a very important element.

If your traveling star is together with your resource elements, you can consider to make travel as your core business. You are able to sell your products across the world.

Firstly, we assume a man with Wu Earth Day Master and Bing Yin Month Pillar as shown above. Bing fire is the resource star of Wu Earth. So, it is nourishing Jia Wood which is 7K. It is an influence star for Wu earth.

What has been equipped for him is experience. Yes, this means free experience. In other words, if his career is steward, he will enjoy many free trips travelling around the world and will gain valuable experience from his travel. He might able to create side gig from his job nature by buying mystical or authentic herbs around the world to make him wealthy. With 7K being the star nourishing with resource star, we foresee that he has a strong and healthy body to enjoy this experience.

Secondly, we take this month pillar as a Young Lady with Bing Day Master. Jia  Wood is her resource star in her career pillar. This Jia Wood is Big Hidden Stem that nourishing her heavenly Stem Bing Fire which is her friend star. She is able to get assistance from her friends as well as peoples she knows. While travelling, she is able to meet peoples that help her. She is able to get many deals along the way she travelling around.

Hope you enjoy this. Stay healthy and safe.

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Bazi StudyMalaysia – Awareness allows us to utilize the power of resourcefulness to make a change

Awareness is important element we need to know within our Bazi on what can support us. This is more obvious for year 2020’s battle. We will continue to explore the remaining 4 type of resource elements.

This time we take Ren Day Master with Geng as the resource star. We note that this resource star is nourishing the Bing fire which is Indirect Wealth to Ren. Since this is a wealth star, it is financially supported. We assume that this is at the year pillar which is indicating that you can raise fund directly from the outside marketplace in your expanded circle.

Since Snake is a travelling star, it means you are able to raise fund in an advance from all over the world and you are able to expand your business world wide. All sound very ambitious. Yes, if you have this great resource, you need to be ambitious to archive it.

With the direct finance funding, you should find your way to capitalize your business. It is good to take note that the 7K also at this pillar. It means you should be more daring to make great moves! Do some in-depth business plan to gain your funding and kick start it.

Next year will be Ox year with 3 harmonies with Snake. You need to equip yourself with Rooster characteristic which is Ren’s Direct Resource. Do some study and learning on Finance and Market area to expand your business.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – Being Resourceful

As a seed, you need to be resourceful, else you won’t have not enough inner strength to break through and expand you true potential. As a human being, if you are stranded in a house without power and you still able find a way to cook yourself by mean, this is an example of resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness can be in terms of Finances (Wealth Star, DW/IW), Information ( Resource Star, DR/IR), Knowledge and Skill (Output Star, EG/HO), Experience (Influence Star, DO/7K) and Network (Friend Star, F/RW).

How we identify it from our own Bazi? You need to know where are your resource stars reside in your Bazi chart. Resource star is the element that grows you. ( Refer my previous post at The Five Elements ).

With the reference to figure above, where can you find your resource ? It can be at heavenly stem, big hidden stem and small hidden stem. The Bing Fire resource star is for Ji Earth day master. From heavenly stem, it nourishes Ding. This mean Ji Earth can gain useful support from the information. 

What does information means? It means that you are able to identify who is helpful to you. With the allocation of right peoples at right scope of work, you are able to leverage their expertise to path your success route.

Nevertheless, we always need 7K which is courage and action to make things happen, else this piece of information is useless.

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Bazi Malaysia – Inner Strength

Our inner strength is like the inner side of Avocado. The Avocado seed is solid and beautiful. It knows it’s own great future and is ready to conquer the earth. Avocado itself is incredibly nutritious. From these inner beauty and strength from Avocado, we can link it with our Bazi.

Firstly, it is our intelligent star. Why it is intelligent star? It is because we need to have the ability to find and use our available resources to solve problems, to make better decision and to achieve goals. Intelligent star is Incredibly Nutritious.

Most of the intelligent stars are our very own Eating God star which is our output element with same polarity. However, it is exceptional for the Fire Day Master. It is due to Earth nature on ignorance and pondering and the Metal element gains it’s strength and consists of action oriented power.

Intelligent star is important as it is your creativity station and is generating options for you to take actions.

Secondly, you should look for your 7K ( 7 Killing ) and IR ( Indirect Resource ). These two elements can help you to make decision and act at best timing, which is exactly like choosing our Avocado seeds. It knows its own best timing to grow up with its own determination.

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Bazi Malaysia – Family Forte

As times goes by, we know Geng Zi year of 2020 (庚子) is a difficult year. Now is the time we need to strengthen our own family forte. Together, we need to be united to fight .

  Here are example of Jia Zi (甲子) Day Master with 4 siblings with Ding Chou (丁丑) , Geng Shen (庚申), Bing Wu (丙午) and Yi You (乙酉) Day Master. With this information , what you can do for yourself and family?

Firstly, reduce the conflict between Jia Zi and Bing Wu, then do a partnership business among Jia Zi, Geng Shen and Ding Chou. This will form a mutual benefit circle. Jia is Geng metal’s wealth element, Geng is Ding’s wealth element. Chou are both Jia and Geng’s noblemen.

  Yi You and Bing Wu can play important role in gaining marketing and sales. This is because You is this year’s peach blossom star and Yi is combined with Geng. It can attract many attentions. For Bing Wu, there is no reason to present this fellow out because its role is to create topic, Bing counter Geng and Wu clash with Zi. There are sparklers with many bizarre in these fields. This will gain free advertisement.

Come, do your own family case study. You will gain more insight.

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Bazi Malaysia – 3V Promotion!

Do you want, if there is a powerful tool that enable you to:

  • perfectly manage the energy around you
  • align to the source of energy and be lucky all the time
  • take control of you life by maneuver the universe energy to your favor
  • connect to all the resources and opportunities
  • have your dream come true

No worry, this is a quick implementation tool!

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Bazi Malaysia – Qi Men 3 Victory DAY (奇门三胜日)

A day when the 3 Victory energy components overlap in the same palace

A special day to harness positive energy from the universe

A good day to undertake important activities or business decision

A day that you will never want to miss

A day that you must do something to elevate yourself

A day to manifest wishes and perform healing activities to align to the sources of energy

A day to send your request to the universe to have your dream come true

Generally, the outcome of the activities undertaken in a 3 Victory day will be favourable. You can harness the positive energy by either:

1) Position yourself back to the winning directions on this day to manifest, initiate plans, close business deals, negotiate, strike for the best results or

2) Undertake important activities on this specific day without emphasis on the directions.

No worry, this is a quick implementation tool!

Discover the secrets of 3 Victory Days in Qi Men Dun Jia to unlock your potential

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The key to success is to be able to identify and grab the opportunities

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Bazi Malaysia – Qi Men 3 Victory Palaces

One of a method in Qi Men Dun Jia strategic execution to identify the directions with higher positive energy to increase the chances of success

The key energy components of 3 Victory are Chief (直符), Heaven (九天) and Life (生门)

When these three components overlap in the same palace on a specific day, it will be the special day with good energy to undertake important activities.

Ancient principle requires all three energies to be overlapped in one sector. Though, such date may have more concentrated and strong positive energy, however the number of days are very limited. 

Nevertheless, many Qi Men masters and practitioners found that the strong positive energy from using any one of the three energy components is still formidable and not to be overlooked.

Each of us have our own Qi Men Destiny Chart based on our date and time of birth and the personalized Qi Men 3 victory palaces can be identified based on Qi Men Destiny Chart.

Find out yours today!

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Bazi Malaysia – How to start your energy hunt with Qi Men

• You already have the most important tool with you now – The energy maps (Qi Men charts : year, month, day, hour and destiny)
Are you excited? Lets get started
• Step 1: Where are you?
Identify your current location; What is your current energy level? Are you in high positive level and stable state of mind or are you in negative downward spiral?
• Step 2 : Where you want to go?
Determine your destination; What do you want? What do you want to achieve? What is your goal? You may write down all your goals, but pick one as a start. It’s important to make up your mind and focus on one goal at a time so that you won’t get lost along the way
• Step 3 : Which route should you take?
Identify your options; There are many ways to reach you final destination but which one suits you the best? Which is the fastest and easiest way? Choose the correct Qi Men method (which will be revealed soon) that can help you identify the right tool and charts
• Step 4 : ACTION!
A thousand mile journey starts with a single step. You will never reach your destination if you don’t start. You do have options, ACT on it. Learn and put in into practice, experience and experiment it yourself.