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Bazi-Guidance-Malaysia-Don’t wait for opportunity CREATE IT

I had posted several great dates to take action on my July post and I use it to consult my client who would like to hire new employee. What she got is she received applicant with date of birth coincident with the dates I had selected for her instead of she need take action on selected dates. After the interview, my client very satisfies with the candidate and accepted the applicant.

                The reason I share this special case to you is sometimes opportunity or hint from Chinese Metaphysic is no so rigid or have any type of formalities. Mean it always have surprise to use. The most important is your mind and readiness. What is mean our mind and readiness? Firstly, do you have anything in your mind that you decided to take action? Secondly, are you ready to take ACTION?

                Yes. We need have something in our mind and take action then we will able to create the opportunity we wanted. In bazi, what in our mind can consider is our own element and take action is our output star. Example: if you are Ren Water Day Master, Ren water is your own element and your output is Jia Wood or Yi Wood. Then, what is Opportunity itself? In Bazi, is the timing. When you in right time do right thing with correct mindset, this indicates you get heaven, man and earth together. This increases the chance of your action can create your wealth. The wealth you had accumulated able to improve your status of life in many ways then you need improve your skillset to up level.

                Maybe I take same example to you from my client on hiring. As starting point hiring is what is in her mind. This thinking had created sure from work load demand had risen. Hiring is one of the ways to tackle the situation. Secondly need put advertisement and do some planning based on Chinese metaphysic knowledge to ensure can get suitable candidates. When we had received applications, we can continue using our knowledge in bazi to double check others than paper qualification is it they are correct candidate that you wanted. You see here, at this check point, you also have in your mind, what is the definition of correct candidate. You need have clear definition on it.

                After that, you need giving out first before get return from this newly hire staff. Mean output is needed when you want collect your wealth. For this case, you can help the new candidate that position them under their intelligent star noblemen or study hall noblemen to them to help them speed up their process of learning. At the meantime, you also can assign this new hired to work together with people that benefited from their bazi noblemen star. All these you can decide and plan.

                You can see that your output very important for smooth transition into wealth. This needs some time and you always need alert on rob wealth star or any clashes happened. If we doing well in our wealth generation at this level. Our status in company sure will improve that’s mean influence star play a role either you become direct office mean you get promoted or seven killing that indicate your company became bigger competitor to others company.

                We not stop here, once your status risen, you need get resources to improve your skillset or hire more people in your company to accommodate rising demand in the market. Although it seems like same circle actually is not. We already risen up like paradigm shift in atomic action, we had transformed ourselves into greater self also CREATED our own opportunities.

                Bazi is very simple especially if you know well the growth circle of it and follow. This will perpetually be creating opportunities in life. Here I show you again the growth circle again. (Self-Output-Wealth-Influence-Resource-Self-(repeated)) You might wonder why some of the cycle irregular? Remember my first sentence? Sometimes we will get surprise ma. No la, when we have certain interaction like combination, clash, punishment, destruction and harm so we will got some variation in the process we evolve. No matters how, keep growing is the fundamental principal of our life.

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Bazi Guidance Malaysia -NOBLEMEN IN CHAOTIC MONTH OF JULY 2021


Jia Wu Geng – Tia Yi Noblemen – Ox and Goat 甲戊庚牛羊 – 天乙贵人

Month of July in 2021 is chaotic month as we see Fan Yin in the chart. Fan Yin is full heavenly and earthly pillar clash in the chart. On heavenly stem we see Xin Metal Cut/Clash Yi Wood. This indicate pruning activities is taking part. The Yi can survive or not really depends on how big Yi Wood had grown so far. If the Yi Wood still on new leaves stage this is true calamity. For full grown Yi Wood, this is an overhaul process that help you pruned out unwanted part and reborn. 

In earthly branch we can see is Ox and Goat Clashed. The hidden stem in Ox (Gui Water and Xin Metal) have direct combat with hidden stem in Goat (Ding Fire and Yi Wood). This battle the month pillar is at lose side. As Water diminished Fire and Metal Chopped Wood. This indicate people in higher position will restructured their organization. This will happen in all level including environment to us as well as in our home our bread winner to others.

I have no plan to exaggerate this dire situation. What I would like to share is one unique relationship in our heavenly noblemen. Jia Wu Geng’s Day Master people heavenly noblemen天乙贵人 are Goat and Ox. You maybe wonder why these three day master’s heavenly noblemen will contradict itself? Then we need to know the 甲戊庚 itself is bringing what meaning. In Bazi we also learned that 甲戊庚 is 天上三奇, which mean if our own natal chart have these 3 heavenly stems you are people that make GREAT THING like musketeers. You are destined to be great. Just in the ordered world, we do not need great thing. When the situation in Chaos like now, we desire for musketeers and miracles. This make Ox and Goat are noblemen stars for these 3 day masters.

Now I would like share 3 special dates with you all to sail through this chaotic month. This is true silver lining in disguise month. These 3 days is great if you have plan to do you online sales or launching.   I hope with these few basic knowledge you can do some great planning on these few interesting dates. Although we might not be the person with these 3 day masters but we still can apply it. (Sure, if you are the Jia Wu Geng, you will be the rising star)

First date is Jia Zi 甲子 day on Thursday (15/7/2021) Jia Zi is first pillar in 60 Jia Zi and with accompanied by Initiate Day. You can make this date as your initiate day for certain activity. Let’s me make one example for your recruiting advertising day. You make this date as your advertising day or is the date you start on planning on this activity. This day you can sit at center of your house/room and back southwest then imagination you able to get good hand to help you. 

Second date followed by subsequent Monday (19/7/2021) you go to east sector of your room with back at east to contact your interviewee that you like and give dateline to them on Wednesday (21/7/2021) Close day. 戊 辰 Wu Chen is a special day also called Day Virtue stay, sure you can receive certain great quality applicant.

Last date is Geng Wu 庚午 day Wednesday (21/7/2021) which is close day. This is great date to close the deal. If you see it properly, this day also a full combination of Month Pillar. Geng combined with Yi became metal then Horse combine with Goat became Sun and Moon. This can see is a good closing. Your closing a deal also indicate you already closing the end of the threat you facing in this month. Grand duke in year pillar see you now is Metal which is same element with Xin then Sun and Moon formation of Horse and Goat Combination make the chaos goes into solution solving stage. You may site at southeast sector of your home/room and back to Northeast do a simple meditation. Recharge to nature let’s that pure energy on that day to believe you are the lucky one.

This plan can make it applicable to you. Like do your business launch on 15/7/2021 by sitting center of the room/house/building and back southwest. Do some receiving order and receiving feedback on 19/7/2021 at east sector with your back at east. Finally, on 21/7/2021 make it a closing of your promotion/deal and do some reflection and allow yourself to be grateful that nature chosen you as luck one at southeast sector and back northeast. Here I show you example on plan of a building with sector and where you should back.

Our current situation we try our best to have next best step instead of taking massive action. I would like invite you take this small step.  Bye, have a nice month.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – 2021 – Your Best Year Ever!

You may wonder why this post like our new year resolution? Yes, this is a reminder of your new year resolution and I showing you a customer feedback after she bought my newly launched yearly strategic planning report with me.

She did her review recently and read back what I had written in her report. Maybe you also can review your own resolution or any yearbook/report you had for yourself and review it now.

With her positive feedback I would like to share to more people how to create your own magical year of 2021.

First, you need aware what opportunities and threats universe had offered you for year 2021 based on your own natal bazi chart.

  • Biggest Opportunities – 2021 year is Xin Chou (辛丑) year, if you are Bing (丙) or (丁) Ding Day Master this year instore great wealth luck to you. Be more productive and help more people, you will get your greatest reward in the end.
  • Biggest Threats –If you are Yi (乙) or Jia (甲) Day Master, you need take care your health and be careful when you driving or using sharp metal. Even take note on any legal documentation.

Second, you need align your plan with the optimized your opportunities and minimize your risk to take note on the threats.

  • Now look into monthly activities that you can align your plan with opportunities. We take next Month May as example.
  • May is Gui Si (癸己) month, Si You Chou (己酉丑) is three harmony formation. If you have (酉) in your month pillar and metal is your favorable or wealth element you can try join venture with others that born in Si and Chou (己丑) month or year.
  • This month also a good month for Ren and Gui (壬癸) Day Master people look for noblemen for teaching you investment or finance related guidance. Even is good time to learn or study new subjects.

Third, if you notice you even don’t know what you want in your life yet. You need align yourself with your spiritual guardian with your Qimen Natal Chart. If you know what you want clearly, Qimen spiritual alignment will help you have stronger inner strength to handle daily challenges.

  • Learn to talk to your inner self is very important for us to moving towards period 9. Practice back to your spiritual guardian and make short meditation daily. After meditation give command to your spiritual guardian on assistant you need help.
  •  Example like you need take your professional paper and you already put handwork on the preparation, you can command your spiritual guardian to eliminate other hassle for your exam and examiner can pass your paper.

Forth, Feng Shui is a great assistance for you to boost up your energy level and identifying direction to avoid renovation to reduce risk of misfortune.

  • Still remember this year best sectors for wealth? There are West (W) and Northeast (NE). How about May? Now we need overlap both chart and see what impact. We know NE Combo 9 with 5 and West Combo 4 with 8. Then better we make full use of West sector instead of NE as 5 is calamity sector for May and West is intelligent star with Wealth.
  • This month is best time to do investment related study in West sector of your house.

Fifth, is the most important part. Take action. If you not take any action, whatever in your resolution or anything your destiny planned for you will in vain. Can send me feed back after you applied the suggestion in this post. We can discuss further.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – Transformation of Fixed to Growth Mindset

Question to Bazi Reading Malaysia: How we know we are undergoing transformation from fixed mindset to growth mindset?

You need to have awareness that you are changing gradually till you reach your platform. Normally you will transform gradually from Fixed to Low-Growth, to Mixed-Growth and then Finally to High-Growth mindset.

It is like our output circle. From Fixed mindset is Earth grows Metal, Metal grows Water, Water grows Wood and finally Wood grows Fire. As it is a complete circle, Fire will grow Earth again, but this earth is not longer the original earth. It had experienced transformation! So, it is able to create miracle.

Let’s us do some revision on the output elements in Bazi. Output means we need to put effort and create something. These can be characterized from Eating God and Hurting Officer. We note that Eating God has same polarity with us and Hurting Officer has different polarity with us. We take Wu (戊) earth as example, its Eating God is Geng (庚) Metal and Hurting Officer is Xin (辛) Metal. It can be said that once we think and take action, we start to transform our life.

We take three important outlooks from Bazi perspective to define these transformations that are suitable to current situation. Namely Challenges, Effort and Offered Help. How we respond to these three scenarios are important for us to take over our own success path in year 2020 onwards. Please review where are you now and find a way to step forwards with your own effort. Don’t afraid of difficulties, once you overcome it, it will become easy again.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – Transition from Fixed to Growth MINDSET

Bazi Reading Malaysia will go through on doing what you like to transit your fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

When we like what we are doing, we will do it no matters how. So if you want to transit from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, you need to enjoy the process of itself. Peach blossom in Bazi provides a pivotal part in terms of likability and team works. If you think deeper, it is related to relationship.

What a relationship tells us? We are willing to work together with others as we are feeling happy with them. The most important is relation needs teamwork. Two or more peoples make thing done. The 3 harmonies combination help us to transform our mind into growth mindset. You may able to view the aspect in multi facets.

A fixed mindset graveyard guy like to think this way –  “This is too hard, I will give up”. How we can change it into growth mindset?.

It is easy. Let a pretty lady who is admired by him telling him – “ Let’s learn more together and put more time and effort on it”.

Guess how? He will definitely want to go for it! If you have a plan A, join those people who are able to help you and you are able to contribute. This kind of mutual benefit can be formed by 3 harmonies relationship.

We have 4 type 3 harmonies: 

Monkey-Rat-Dragon – (申子辰)

Tiger-Horse-Dog – (寅午戌)

Pig-Rabbit-Goat – (亥卯未)


How can we truly transform from graveyard to growth mindset?

Actually from this 3 harmonies formation, we are not really matched together but we have same vision and target. By relying on peach blossom star in this formation, we can balance the push and pull relationship in between. This is exactly like the formation of molecule. Each of them keeps their original identity and able to create something new.

In our new era, we need new thing. As long as Graveyard person willing to work together with others, they are able to change the world. For example, the Earth peoples have many valuable inner strength like trustworthy, resourceful, willing to share and nurturing. These qualities are all we sought after at this pandemic time.  

Please go out from your graveyard and make an impact now!

I believe people with Goat will be the first one come out on year 2021 as Metal Ox year Clash Goat.

Why wait for it? Create your own forte with your six harmony or three harmony alley first. You will have great year awaited.

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Bazi Study Malaysia – Growth vs Fixed Mindset

How Bazi can help you transform yourself into Growth mindset? Let’s us study now.

Year 2020 is approaching to the end and we have been awaken by Covid-19 pandemic. We need to admit that we cannot continue embracing Fixed Mindset in our life. We need to transform into Growth Mindset otherwise we will die before Covid-19.

In Bazi, when we see a chart full of graveyard branches namely Ox, Dragon, Goat and Dog branch (丑辰未戌), we will say this person stubborn, slow and lazy. While we are relating it to a fixed mindset, we define them as reluctant to change and easily give up. Both graveyard branches in Bazi and Fixed mindset have same definitions to person’s characteristic. With this piece of information, we know we can help this Fixed mindset person’s life with our Bazi understanding.

 We need an intermediate entity bridge for them to acquire Growth Mind Set. The peach blossom branch which is Rat, Rabbit, Horse and Rooster can added into their mind (子卯午酉) before forcing them to directly transform into Growth mindset. With the name implies, peach blossom is an affinity. It means attraction and is the best-suited love energy for all.

 Yes, attracting best-suit love energy is important for us to change. We need to find out what we love then we can transform. The Fixed mindset people will tend to say – “ I not good at this “ then never find what they love. So how we need to ensure they are consistently committed and able to make something happened? One of the most effective ways is to find a partner for them to do together. This is like how our six harmonies work. All peach blossom branch is combined with the graveyard branch.

If you noticed that your bazi chart is full of graveyard branches and have decided to change, you can start finding a partner to workout together with you. Don’t worry, peoples with peach blossom normally are friendly and willing to help. So you will stick to them. It will be better if you are able to identify your own graveyard that is matching in the six harmonies,  namely Ox to Rat; Rabbit to Dog; Horse to Goat; Rooster to Dragon (子丑合,卯戌合,午未合,酉辰合).

Now you can work together with plan A. So, let’s have A plan first.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – Your Brain Power With Your Resource Star

Here is our final chapter for resourcefulness and we will talk about your resource star that is nourishing your output element. It means your knowledge and skill that amaze others.

This is a “Lady Xin Metal” Day Master chart with Ji is the resource star for her. Ji Earth is at her Big Hidden Stem and is nourishing her Xin Metal and Gui Water.

Since Ji Chou is at her month pillar, she can make use of her knowledge and skill to excel in her career. The resource star is nourishing her Gui water on heavenly stem.

By Xin metal nature is talkative and her month pillar’s heavenly stem has her Gui Water as her Eating God. She is able to influence or inspire other like a cloud.

This type of skill set and knowledge are quite similar with our intelligent star. They are able to understand well on what they have learnt and made it useful to their own purpose.

I believe she can succeed in career. This can see from her eating god (Gui Water) that helps her to plan well and to speak out her inner beauty of Xin metal like diamond sparkling. Her resource star is in her career pillar is also indicating that she has strong support from her team and superior.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – When Travel Star Meets Resource Star

This round we discuss about Bazi Chart’s Day Master with resource star that nourishing Direct officer/Seven Killing and Friend/Rob Wealth. We take two examples and add another introduction on traveling star.

Our traveling star is derived from our Day Master’s Earthly Nranch with respect to Traveling Star Table for your reference. Example: Wu Zi (戊子-Earth Rat)Day Master your travel star is Yin (寅-Tiger) ;  Bing Shen (丙申-Fire Monkey) Day Master your travel start also Yin (寅-Tiger) .

You can notice that all the traveling stars are clashing with another traveling stars from the 3 Harmony Earthly Branch. For example Shen is Clash with Yin, Hai is clash with Si. This indicates from its growth nature of these branches, similar to growth mindset. These four animal signs are called Forever Growth and Sky Horse in Chinese (长生/驿马). This is because the Hidden Stems of these Stars are always in growth circle, like Shen (寅) hidden stems are Jia (Wood) – Bing (Fire) – Xu (Earth) which is equivalent to Wood grows Fire grows Earth.

We can expect traveling stars involve movement and change. It is also representing our growth in life. In our current constantly changing world, this is a very important element.

If your traveling star is together with your resource elements, you can consider to make travel as your core business. You are able to sell your products across the world.

Firstly, we assume a man with Wu Earth Day Master and Bing Yin Month Pillar as shown above. Bing fire is the resource star of Wu Earth. So, it is nourishing Jia Wood which is 7K. It is an influence star for Wu earth.

What has been equipped for him is experience. Yes, this means free experience. In other words, if his career is steward, he will enjoy many free trips travelling around the world and will gain valuable experience from his travel. He might able to create side gig from his job nature by buying mystical or authentic herbs around the world to make him wealthy. With 7K being the star nourishing with resource star, we foresee that he has a strong and healthy body to enjoy this experience.

Secondly, we take this month pillar as a Young Lady with Bing Day Master. Jia  Wood is her resource star in her career pillar. This Jia Wood is Big Hidden Stem that nourishing her heavenly Stem Bing Fire which is her friend star. She is able to get assistance from her friends as well as peoples she knows. While travelling, she is able to meet peoples that help her. She is able to get many deals along the way she travelling around.

Hope you enjoy this. Stay healthy and safe.

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Bazi StudyMalaysia – Awareness allows us to utilize the power of resourcefulness to make a change

Awareness is important element we need to know within our Bazi on what can support us. This is more obvious for year 2020’s battle. We will continue to explore the remaining 4 type of resource elements.

This time we take Ren Day Master with Geng as the resource star. We note that this resource star is nourishing the Bing fire which is Indirect Wealth to Ren. Since this is a wealth star, it is financially supported. We assume that this is at the year pillar which is indicating that you can raise fund directly from the outside marketplace in your expanded circle.

Since Snake is a travelling star, it means you are able to raise fund in an advance from all over the world and you are able to expand your business world wide. All sound very ambitious. Yes, if you have this great resource, you need to be ambitious to archive it.

With the direct finance funding, you should find your way to capitalize your business. It is good to take note that the 7K also at this pillar. It means you should be more daring to make great moves! Do some in-depth business plan to gain your funding and kick start it.

Next year will be Ox year with 3 harmonies with Snake. You need to equip yourself with Rooster characteristic which is Ren’s Direct Resource. Do some study and learning on Finance and Market area to expand your business.

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Bazi Reading Malaysia – Being Resourceful

As a seed, you need to be resourceful, else you won’t have not enough inner strength to break through and expand you true potential. As a human being, if you are stranded in a house without power and you still able find a way to cook yourself by mean, this is an example of resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness can be in terms of Finances (Wealth Star, DW/IW), Information ( Resource Star, DR/IR), Knowledge and Skill (Output Star, EG/HO), Experience (Influence Star, DO/7K) and Network (Friend Star, F/RW).

How we identify it from our own Bazi? You need to know where are your resource stars reside in your Bazi chart. Resource star is the element that grows you. ( Refer my previous post at The Five Elements ).

With the reference to figure above, where can you find your resource ? It can be at heavenly stem, big hidden stem and small hidden stem. The Bing Fire resource star is for Ji Earth day master. From heavenly stem, it nourishes Ding. This mean Ji Earth can gain useful support from the information. 

What does information means? It means that you are able to identify who is helpful to you. With the allocation of right peoples at right scope of work, you are able to leverage their expertise to path your success route.

Nevertheless, we always need 7K which is courage and action to make things happen, else this piece of information is useless.