Career Guidance

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Career Guidance

Reply in 3 to 5 days

About Us

Our vision:

A Better You, A Better Society.

Our misson:

  1. To guide students to choose the right stream for education
  2. To guide employees to build their career path for growth
  3. To guide business owners to make better decision

About Emma Fung:

I started my Bazi courses and became a practitioner at year 2012.
I started to practise my BaZi knowledge with my friends and family members. When I approached them, they felt skeptical and refused to talk with me about their problems. They felt losing their pride if they were sharing their problems with me.
So I started to share 10 gods, 5 elements with them, and gradually we grew through discussions and found solutions together. I were grateful that they were happy with my consultations and guidances.

Today, with years of experiences in BaZi Chart Analysis, I am more confident to help peoples who like to make a change for a better life. Therefore, I have launched this website for the purpose of reaching wider audiences.
In addition, I have set my vision to “A Better You, A Better Society” because I embrace the philosophy of social entrepreneurship.I would like to share my knowledge across to reach out more individuals for creating a better and harmony society together.

Our Team

Our team constantly evaluate your Bazi to put your career to work.

Emma Fung

Our BaZi Chart Analysis Practitioner.
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Steve Low

Focusing on IT and Marketing of Bazi Career Guidance.
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