Career Guidance

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Career Guidance

Reply in 3 to 5 days

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Bazi Career Guidance For Parent In Malaysia

Worry With the FUTURE of Your KIDS if They Can EXCEL in LIFE?

Are you doubt of what is the most suitable education to give to your children so that they can adopt to the society?

It doesn’t matter if your kids got straight As or not in exams,ask anyone and they’ll tell you that exam results would not determine their future. And if you’re a Tiger Mum or Dad… you’re likely feeling the squeeze.


Bazi Career Guidance For Employee In Malaysia

Working? Unemployed? Happy with work? Feeling of changing work?

If you are working and looking for self-improvement, job satisfaction, salary increment and career growth, what kind of action you would be taking?

When you are discontented with your current working life, would you think of changing the situation by starting up your own business or take up another challenge in career?

Ever being doubted that these changes will lead to a better or worse life?


Bazi Career Guidance For Manager In Malaysia

Always Miss the KPI Performance Target? Ever hire a wrong candidate for the job? Why Staff is Under Performing?

Always hire a wrong candidate for the job although everything went well on the personality and technical test?

Can it be a mismatch between the employee personality and the job scope or working culture causing the under perform?

Ever being doubted that doing right analysis will lead to have a new insight on what you and your team can work together to archive another milestones ahead?

About Us

We are enthusiasm to provide career guidance for both businesses and individuals and we see the linkage between your Bazi and your career.

Read more about our practitioner: Emma Fung

Our Vision:

A Better You, A Better Society.

Our mission are:

  1. To guide students to choose the right stream for education
  2. To guide employees to build their career path for growth
  3. To guide business owners to make better decision

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of career advice do you give?

We provide career advice based on your Bazi.

Do you offer individually tailored Bazi guidance?

You would need to submit your Bazi and 3 questons to us. In 3 to 5 working days, we will email your career analysis.

Does this service incur any charges?

We charge USD 28 for a complete BaZi career guide report based on the questions you have. 

Bazi Career Guidance

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